Solar Education Series

On this page you will find our video library offering a new series of educational videos about the basics of how solar works & in-depth overviews of solar panel, solar inverter, solar storage & product specific education.

Johnathan Thurston Says Hello – Video Series #1

It’s with a great deal of pride that Instyle Solar have partnered with Rugby League legend, Johnathan Thurston. JT is on board for a multi-year partnership as our first official Brand Ambassador and sustainability & savings advocate. Watch the intro video to hear why JT joined Instyle – directly from the man himself!

How Solar Works – Video Series #2

How solar works can sometimes be a little confusing, but we don’t think it should be. Watch our video on how solar works for a simple explanation and learn even more on our solar energy explained page.

More Instyle Solar & Johnathan Thurston Videos

We’ve produced a number of videos in our time, with many others to come in the Jonathan Thurston Education Series for 2021. For now, we trust you will enjoy [and learn a little something!] from this suite below. As we underwent a rebrand in Jan 2021, some of our videos do feature our old colour scheme [don’t be confused – it’s still us!].

Educational Articles

Our business partner: Q Cells

At Instyle Solar, we use solar panels manufactured by Q Cells because they’re one of the world’s leading solar panel manufacturers.

How do I read my power bill and understand my usage?

To get a better idea of your electricity usage you should start by reading your power bill carefully. Even though the bill format can vary depending on your provider, the important information will be included.

Micro-inverters vs DC optimisers

Solar installers and homeowners have more options when it comes to their solar system design. In this article we discuss micro-inverters vs DC optimisers.

Clean Energy Council Approved Solar Retailer

In Australia, we have a number of governing bodies which determine the safety, ethics and regulatory practices that need to be adhered to in the Australian Solar industry. One of the biggest is the Australian Clean Energy Council (CEC). They…

Why you should never buy cheap solar

It’s a common question in the solar industry – what’s the right price to be paying for a solar system? Well, the answer is not that simple. Pricing a system to suit your own personal home’s condition & electrical requirements, designing…

How solar can increase the value of your property

Recent data from PRD Nationwide and the Queensland University of Technology reveals sustainable homes outperform other property types come “sale” day. The median sale price of a ‘green’ home is 10 per cent higher and on average, sustainable homes sell 13 days faster…

Who is the greenest generation?

Young people are often dubbed the “green generation” – taking to the streets for action on climate change and championing environmental values. Yet, it is older millennials and their parents who are most likely to act in support of the environment and reduce their carbon footprint…

How to read your solar inverter

For homeowners who have taken the leap and switched to Solar Power, there are many things to understand about your new equipment and mini-power station on the roof. One of the most common calls we receive…

What are the best solar panels?

While the technology powering solar may seem straight-forward, when you start to dig a little deeper, you may find yourself delving into a pandora box of options, brands, and complex technical terms. The reality is, not all solar panels are created equal…

All you need to know about the Fronius Smart Meter

Fronius is a very popular brand when it comes to inverters, however, they also manufacture one of the industry’s best energy meter. The Fronius Energy metre works alongside the Fronius Inverter in a PV Solar System. Fronius offers…

How microgrids are reshaping Australia’s energy supply

Once the poster child for fossil fuels, gas and oil, theAustralian National University renewable energy in Australia is growing at a per capita rate ten times faster than the world average. But as energy utilities race to renewables, a new problem arises…

All you need to know about LG Chem Compatible Inverters

The LG Chem solar batteries are designed with Lithium-ion technology and have the capabilities to suit a large range of options for different markets. LG Chem grid-scale solutions offer amazing features at grid-scale…

How to clean your solar panels

The solar panels’ performance is entirely related to a set of environmental factors: solar radiation, humidity, temperature, shade, wind speed and more. Another element that deeply influences the performance of an array is soiling…

How to do your energy efficiency audit

Audit. It’s not a pretty word. For many of us, just the thought of it brings on a case of anxiety that a cup of tea and a good lie down simply cannot fix. It conjures images of the tax-man and other like-minded, fastidious officials, delving…

Johnathan Thurston shares his ‘Energy-Saving Tips’

Saving on the essentials like power in the home is a huge win in the current ‘work from home’ state of affairs we all find ourselves in. Johnathan Thurston and his family are no exception. With 6 people living in the household…

Pros and cons of installing a solar battery

Battery technology has advanced in recent years, with new players on the market making it more competitive. There are a number of different battery technologies out in the market and choosing one really depends on one’s needs & budget…

Solar 101: Your ultimate solar buying guide

If you’ve found yourself on this page I assume there is a reason: your last quarterly bill shocked you, and you are dreading opening your next one. Don’t worry, you’re not alone…

Solar Monitoring – What is it?

One of the biggest changes in the Solar PV Industry in recent years, is the addition of solar system production & consumption monitoring.There are currently two types of monitoring in the market – the first being standard inverter production monitoring…

Three tips for Aussies turning to solar

Australians are taking control of their electricity bills and switching to rooftop solar, with numbers up 11 per cent on last year, 2.26 million homes, or one in five Australians are now reaping the rewards of solar energy. Like anything – before…

What size solar system do I need?

If you want to try and get your head around how big our solar system, as in where the earth enjoys its annual orbit, is—it has a diameter of approximately 287 billion kilometres. Like…way big! The solar system you will need to power your…

Why solar is a great investment

Amidst the economic impacts of a worldwide health crisis, it is not surprising that many Aussie families are closing their wallets and reducing spending. Now more than ever, it’s important for families to make conscious decisions…

Why winter and spring are the best times to install solar panels

As you put your winter woollies away for another year and the days start becoming longer and hotter, it can only mean one thing. Spring is on its way and it’s time to install solar panels. Spring brings with it a wealth of benefits which make it the perfect time to…

Why solar is the unexpected essential for isolation

Toilet paper to pasta and hand sanitiser, this time of uncertainty has caused people to panic buy and stockpile in preparation for the worst – and now it seems Australian homeowners are flocking to solar panels to save money…

Why Queensland is Australia’s rooftop solar leader

Turns out Queensland has earned its title: the Sunshine State. New research from the Clean Energy Council reveals Queensland is leading the charge in-home solar energy installations, with five out of Australia’s top ten solar postcodes located…

A complete glossary for solar power jargon

Ever tried researching solar power, only to find yourself struggling to understand the difference between a kilowatt and a kilowatt-hour, or what the heck a Powerwall is? If so, you’re not alone. Solar power is jargon-heavy…

The best battery storage companies

Lithium-ion batteries power almost everything these days, from consumer electronics to EVs with renewable energy storage solutions. Let’s take a closer look at the top 5 lithium-ion battery manufacturers.

How to choose a solar inverter

There are many choices when it comes to inverters, in this article we’ll help you choose the one that is right for you.

Australia, the perfect giant solar farm

With its ideal conditions, Australia as a whole is almost the perfect giant solar farm. With government incentives and large scale developments on the horizon, Australia is expected to grow its capacity by 10 fold over the next 20 years.

Multiple orientation of solar panels

Looking to install solar panels? Find out why solar panels are best placed facing the same direction. We’ll also chat multiple orientation and advice for when it’s the only option.

Portable solar panels and off-grid living

Solar panels weren’t always for the business and residential sectors, originally solar panels were used for off-grid purposes. There is a growing market for portable solar panel technology to service campers, and people in remote areas.

What is PERC technology?

PERC solar cell technology is becoming increasingly popular. PERC solar cells offer increased reflectivity and greater cost-efficiency.

What is IBC solar cell technology and how does it work?

IBC solar cell technology is perhaps one of the most complicated technologies used to make solar panels today. IBC cells offer higher efficiency as well as many other benefits, making them a choice that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Our top pick of cool solar gadgets

We’ve put together a list of the coolest solar gadgets to help your home reduce its reliance on power from the grid, or keep it green while you’re on the go.

Busting energy saving myths

Are dishwashers really huge energy suckers? When it comes to energy-saving around the home, there are plenty of myths out there. In this article, we’ll look at some of the most common and dispel those that aren’t based on fact.

How to choose a solar installer

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the number of solar installers out there, we’re here to help. We’ve put together a checklist of the basic things you need to keep in mind when selecting a solar installer to help make sure you get the most out of your installation.

Can the power grid depend entirely on solar energy?

Solar energy production can be unstable and is heavily dependent on the weather. Despite this unpredictability though, is it capable of powering the entire power grid on its own? And if so, how can it be achieved?

Can I add more solar panels to my existing system?

So you’ve invested in solar power and you’re enjoying the benefits, but you’re starting to wonder if it’s possible to expand your system and increase your savings. Is it as simple as adding more solar panels?

Can I DIY a solar system?

When considering if a DIY solar system is a practical choice there are a few key criteria you should consider first. We’ll go through the process in detail to help you understand if it’s the best choice for you.

I have three-phase power, do I need a special inverter?

Three-phase power connections allow you to have more power available for big houses, mansions or places that have bigger loads than normal. How does three-phase power impact solar power installations though? Let’s take a look.

Do solar panels work during a blackout?

Blackouts can occur during storms and other natural disasters. But does having solar panels automatically mean you are protected against blackouts? The simple answer is, it can, although a blackout resistant solar panel installation must include effective power storage. Read on to find out more.

All you need to know about AC solar modules

There’s a growing market for plug and play solar deployment options and that’s where AC solar modules come in. Let’s take a closer look at AC solar modules and how they’re meeting the demand.

Can solar energy really fight climate change?

Energy consumption, emissions, climate change, there are many concepts floating around out there. But when it comes to solar energy, the question is: does it really help with the fight against climate change? Can it provide a sustainable supply of electricity and reduce carbon emissions?

Are 3D printed lithium-ion batteries possible?

It’s true, the lithium-ion battery is the most popular and valuable technology when it comes to energy storage. Recently though, the idea of being able to manufacture lithium-ion batteries using three-dimensional printers has become a possibility.

Mining for solar industry in Australia: Rich in natural minerals

Australian mining is shaping the future of the solar industry. With an abundance of resources, Australia has become one of the largest producers of bauxite, iron ore, gold, lead, lithium, nickel, cobalt and copper in the world. All of these minerals are essential for the development of new trends and growing markets like the solar industry.

Meet leading solar innovators and industry awards

Solar awards intended to reward the efforts made by those companies and teams that develop outstanding products or projects. Let’s take a look at some of the industry’s most important awards.

Product review: Fronius Symo Inverter

Looking for an inverter that serves the grid-tied three-phase market that also offers interesting features like the Dynamic Peak Manager, the SnapINverter technology and the Smart Grid Ready function. Well, look no further.

Product review: Fronius Primo Inverter

The Fronius Primo Inverter is an excellent grid-tied inverter, ideal for Australia, with a simple design, several size options and simple installation.

Product review: Enphase micro-inverter

Enphase Energy is the number one brand in the market for micro-inverter solutions. Enphase micro-inverters are available in a wide range of unique products. Let’s take a closer look.

How does solar power work?

So how does solar power really work? What is the science behind it? We’ve made solar technology easy to understand.

Solar trends: Perovskite Solar Cell technology

A new trend in solar, Perovskite Solar Cell. Perovskite is a crystalline material that possesses interesting properties which are proving to be promising for solar PV cells and future market opportunities.

What is a Virtual Power Plant?

Uncontrolled integration of renewable sources could lead to energy imbalances that can affect the operation of the grid. The solution? Virtual power plants?

QLD interest-free loans for solar and battery

The QLD Government has announced its latest incentives including incentives and interest-free solar loans for rental properties as well as several enticements specifically targeting regional Queensland and an energy savers program for business.

Victoria: New Solar Homes Program

The Victorian Government is investing $1.24 billion over the next 10 years in The Victorian New Solar Homes Program. The program will see solar panels installed on up to 650,000 Victorian homes. Find out more.

My solar system is installed, what’s next?

Once your solar system is installed, some paperwork must be submitted to get everything up and running and connected to the grid. This process varies depending on your state so we’ve broken it down.

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