Invest In Your Company’s Financial Future, With Commercial Solar

A low risk cash flow positive investment that pays for itself. There’s nothing else like it.

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A Sense of Stability

Market Fluctuations can be unexpected. Solar power gives your business peace of mind.

Accelerated Depreciation

Claim accelerated depreciation on your commercial solar system, decreasing taxable income.

Positive ROI

Invest in your business with solar power, the only investment that is guaranteed to give you a positive ROI.

Why Choose Instyle Solar For Your Next Commercial Project? 

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“The team at Instyle Solar were extremely professional and helpful from the first call to the completion of installation. All our options were explained easily and we felt like we got exactly what we needed and nothing we didn’t. The installation was smooth and the guys were polite and professional even cleaning up some things we had in the way without a second thought. Have already referred a few people and would highly recommend.”

Australian Carpenters, Proud Instyle Customers

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Solar Payment Solutions

No Recurring Payments
Pay for your system upfront, and see
the benefits of solar from Day 1.
Government Incentives
Energy Lease
Low-Interest Recurring Payments
Enjoy low-interest payments on
a commercial solar lease agreement.
Government Incentives
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