Why solar is a great investment

Published: 13 May 2020

Amidst the economic impacts of a worldwide health crisis, it is not surprising that many Aussie families are closing their wallets and reducing spending. Now more than ever, it’s important for families to make conscious decisions to set-up their future financially and revisit their expenditure to ensure they are making the best possible decisions.


Here’s why solar is a great investment:

Investment costs are low

Compared to the purchase of a solar system in the past, the cost has reduced drastically in the last few years due to an increase in STCs or solar incentives, more consistent solar feed-in tariffs and more competition in the market, leading to a competitive product and installation fees. With the option to finance your investment you are also going to likely pay the same for a solar system on a monthly finance place as you would on your energy bill – win, win.

Future protection from energy price hikes

With solar energy, you are in control of your generation and consumption. The inevitable introduction of batteries will allow you to store and resell or use your own power meaning you are immune to the ups and downs of energy prices.

You’ll do your bit for the environment

Perhaps the most obvious reason to invest, but only the motivator for a small portion of solar consumers (35%) is the environmental impact and the benefits of moving towards renewable energy. 2019 was a remarkable year for the Australian renewable energy industry, with almost a quarter of Australia’s electricity supply now coming from renewable energy sources. Now, with increasing numbers of people working from home, demand continues to soar in 2020.

Increase your property value

Research has found the majority (85%) of Aussies believe solar-powered homes are more valuable than those with traditional energy sources. This is great news for investors or everyday homeowners looking to move on. For a small cost, you could reap the rewards down the line when looking to sell.

If solar sounds like a great investment for your family, talk to our team and start saving on your energy bills!

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solar is a a great investment

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