Why Queensland is Australia’s rooftop solar leader

Published: 24 April 2020

Turns out Queensland has earned its title: the Sunshine State.


New research from the Clean Energy Council reveals Queensland is Australia’s rooftop solar leader, with five out of Australia’s top ten solar postcodes located in the state.

Queensland is Australia’s rooftop solar leader

The cities of Bundaberg (#1), Hervey Bay (#3), Caloundra (#4) and Toowoomba (#5) have rounded out the top five suburbs, while Mackay has come in at 10th place – with a combined total of 57,698 installations and 241,131 kW of clean energy capacity.

So why are Queenslander’s switching to solar in record numbers?

With high levels of home ownership and an abundance of sunshine, Queensland’s got all the right things going for it. Combined with the Government’s mandate to support 1000 MW of new renewable generation by 2025 and it is no surprise that people are inquiring and installing solar panels in record numbers.

In fact, last year alone, there was 73,726 new solar installations in Queensland, bringing our state’s total to a significant 675,317 installations. That equates to approximately one in three households currently reaping the benefits of solar energy.

While there is a percentage of people who do install solar for environmental reasons, home-owners committed to reducing the cost of living are leading the surge in uptake across the state.

On average, solar can save your family thousands of dollars each year. For more households, you can install a system at ‘zero cost’ – that is the savings on your power bill outweigh the cost of installing your solar system. This makes solar an affordable, long-term option for Queensland families and homes.

Now, even more, with increasing numbers of us self-isolating, spending more time or working from home, people are re-evaluating their finances, budgets and home essentials and researching options to save money.

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