Why choose Instyle Solar

“Alot of people ask why in style solar well the first thing we do for you is actually educate you on not only just the solar system but your actual power bill in the first place because let’s be honest most of us just pay the damn thing we don’t know how to read it from there what we do is actually cater a system that’s going to help benefit you and your family not just suggest something like oh you should get 18 panels but why you know there’s a lot of thought that goes into sizing the right system and sizing your system correctly can actually help you get a better return on investment by up to five percent now that’s a lot of percent over the year that’s a lot of extra savings to get just from getting your system size correct uh then we actually walk you through the industry you know whether you buy from us we want you to know enough so that you don’t buy from someone dodgy and have a bad experience we know we’re not going to be the right fit for everyone but the customers that we want to bring on board are customers that going to love the experience and actually have great savings with the solar system the next best thing about us is we have the track record so we’ve done over 10000 solar installations with no major complications or issues because we focus on quality first so we do quality workmanship we look at quality products that have a brand presence in Australia to make sure your investment’s safe for the lifetime that it’s on your roof and we’ve got quality people who care about your experience and make sure that you have a great experience with your solar system”