List of Sungrow Inverter Error Codes & Solutions

Published: 11 October 2021

The following are some codes you may get from a Sungrow inverter.

Type of IssueCommon Error CodesOverview
Grid voltage and frequency disturbances002 – Overvoltage
003 – Transient overvoltage
004 – Undervoltage
005 – Undervoltage(lower than in code #4)
008 – Overfrequency
009 – Underfrequency
014 – 10-minute overvoltage
015 – Overvoltage(higher than in code #2)
101 – Overfrequency(higher than in code #8)1
02 – Underfrequency(lower than in code #9)
Generally, these are temporary issues that are solved by the power company, and the inverter resumes normal operation when it detects a suitable voltage and frequency.

However, if the inverter keeps generating the error when the grid voltage and frequency are normal, you should contact Instyle Solar for technical support.

In particular, the 10-minute overvoltage error (#14) may be caused by an incorrect country setting. If the inverter is configured for a country with a lower voltage than Australia, this error will appear.
Overcurrent faults006 – AC overcurrent(inverter output)
007 – Transient AC overcurrent
011 – DC injection over current(input from solar array)
012 – Leakage overcurrent
021 – PV1 input overcurrent
022 – PV2 input overcurrent
100 – AC output current exceeds the upper limit
202 – PV hardware overcurrent fault
#6 and #7 are normally short-term conditions, and the inverter will resume operation in a few seconds. However, you should contact technical support if a fault persists.

#12 may indicate a ground fault affecting the solar array.

#21 and #22 may indicate panel layout and wiring issues.
Electrical connection issues010 – Islanding
028 – Reverse connection in PV circuit
1029 – Reverse connection in PV circuit
2084 – Reverse cable connection warning
106 – Inverter not grounded
These faults can be caused by loose or missing connections, and #10 in particular can appear when the main AC breaker is tripped.
Temperature issues036 – Radiator temperature is too high
037 – Internal temperature of inverter is too high
043 – Internal temperature is too low (below -25°C)
070 – Defective fans.
High temperature issues can occur when the inverter is in a poorly ventilated spot, exposed to direct sunlight, or when the air inlets are dirty. There is a specific error code for defective fans (#70), but other codes can also be triggered by fan issues.
Software issues085 – Mismatched software versionYou can contact technical support to get the correct version.

Sungrow inverters can also generate error codes that indicate other issues like sensor faults, relay faults, communication errors, low insulation resistance, data sampling faults, etc. Regardless of the specific code, technical support is recommended if your inverter is constantly generating errors.

If you have a defective unit, remember there is a manufacturer warranty – Instyle Solar can help you get a free replacement. Contact us today via 1300 133 556 or email [email protected].

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