Premium Hybrid Pack

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Why Choose the Premium Hybrid Pack from Instyle Solar?

Choose the complete home energy solution.

The Premium Hybrid Pack includes every component your home needs to thrive: efficient solar panels,
DC Optimizers, a Li-ion home battery, powerful hybrid inverter, and advanced software.

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What Is Included

Solar Panels: Q CELLS Q.Peak or Q.Plus

  • 275 W panels (1600 x 960 mm)
  • PERC technology for increased efficiency
  • Black frame, monocrystalline (Q.Peak) or polycrystalline (Q.Plus)
  • Excellent performance under high temperature or low-light conditions

Inverters: Fronius or Enphase

  • High-quality inverters manufactured in Austria and America
  • Production-monitoring, consumption-level analytics
  • Fronius warranty: 5-year Parts & Labour plus 5-year Parts-only warranty
  • Enphase warranty: 5-year Envoy and 10-year micro-inverter warranty

Battery: LG Chem RESU 10H

  • 95% roundtrip efficiency
  • DC-coupled to your system
  • 9.8kWh of energy storage

Optimizers: Power Optimizers

  • Increase system output with MPPT tracking
  • Greater design and build flexibility
  • SafeDC™ allows for ‘Panel Level’ system shutdown

Software: Fronius or Enphase Analytics

  • Advanced panel level monitoring and alerts
  • Production-monitoring and consumption-level analytics
  • Receive live performance data and notifications
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