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Published: 15 July 2021

At Instyle Solar, we use microinverters by Enphase Energy because they’re a world leading manufacturer.

enphase energy

Enphase Energy is a global energy technology company headquartered in Silicon Valley, California. In 2006, Enphase revolutionised the solar industry with its microinverter-based technology. Today the company delivers smart, easy-to-use solutions that manage solar generation, storage and communication on one intelligent platform.

Enphase has shipped more than 34 million microinverters, and approximately 1.5 million Enphase systems have been deployed in more than 130 countries. Enphase Energy Australia is based in Melbourne, Victoria.

The Enphase microinverter advantage

Superior performance

With Enphase, each solar panel is fitted with its own microinverter to create panel-level independence and generate the most energy possible.

Industry leading monitoring and control

Enphase empowers you to track your energy production and consumption, monitor your system’s health, and unlock greater solar returns – all from one single app.

Total freedom

Because each Enphase microinverter operates as an independent unit, you can easily expand as your energy needs grow. For example, when you purchase a battery or electric vehicle.

Maximum reliability

The team at Enphase doesn’t think that international reliability standards are strict enough, so they kicked it up a notch with more than one million hours of reliability testing and one of the longest warranties on the market – 10-years as standard, extendable to 25 years.

Enphase’s global R&D Centre is based in Christchurch, New Zealand, and has a team of 80+ engineers, all focused on maximising the performance and reliability of Enphase solar and storage technology.

All-AC safety

Enphase microinverters are commonly chosen for childcare centres, schools and government buildings since they meet even the strictest government safety requirements.

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