Why Installing Solar in Spring is Key

The 3 Quick Steps To Installing Solar This Spring

As you put your winter woollies away for another year and the days start becoming longer and hotter, it can only mean one thing. Spring is on its way and it’s time to install solar panels.

Spring brings with it a wealth of benefits which make it the perfect time to embrace solar energy. You can get ahead of the installation rush, save on your electrical bills, and relax knowing you’ll be cool all Summer long.

Here are the three steps you can following to take advantage of all that Spring has to offer:

1. Get the install rolling

The best way to embrace the benefits of Spring is to start straight away, but first things first, get your paperwork in order. The approval process can take a few weeks before you get the a-okay for installation. During this time, it’s important to check for rebates – called STC’s or small-scale technology certificates – you may be eligible for. You can use these certificates to be reimbursed for some of the purchase and installation costs, so getting in early means you can save a pretty penny.

Generally speaking, we have less on our plate in the cooler months, because most people don’t think about solar until the Summer sun is already beaming down. So, by starting the process in Spring, your installation will be faster. Which brings us to the next step of reaping the rewards of springing into action.

2. Learn how to maximise your savings

Sunshine reigns over Spring, and that’s why it’s the perfect time to install solar panels at your place. A common misconception is solar panels are powered by heat, rather than light, but it is in fact sunshine which makes solar energy possible. In comparison to Summer, which coincides with Australia’s wet season, Spring represents a great opportunity to have the sun working for you and your energy bill.

With all that extra power coming in, it’s a good time to review your electricity consumption habits around your home and understand how you can make adjustments to get the most out of your new solar panels. Doing so, will set you up to make big savings in the hotter months when electricity consumption is at its peak. Air conditioners, fans and even extra refrigerators which are run through Summer all add up, so having solar panels installed before the heat hits, is key.

3. Have a cool Summer

Imagine it. You’re chilling, enjoying your cool house while your solar panels do all the work for you and the rest of the country is scampering around trying to get solar panels installed. Sounds good, right? This can so easily be your reality by organising yourself in Spring.

Once installed, solar panels are very low maintenance, but there are some handy hacks you can use in Summer to optimise your output. For instance, taking note of where your panels are positioned may determine what time of the day is best to use the most amount of energy.

● Eastern facing panels in the morning
● Northern facing panels during midday
● Western facing panels in the afternoon

By embracing all the solar panel advantages in Spring, you can kick back in Summer knowing you’re doing better for yourself, your wallet and the environment. Wins all (year) round.

There is truly no time like Spring to install solar panels and it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3 to start the installation process with Instyle Solar.

Call Instyle Solar today to start the conversation with an expert and learn how to maximise your energy potential this Spring. 1300 133 556

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