Saving on the essentials like power in the home is a huge win in the current ‘work from home’ state of affairs we all find ourselves in. Johnathan Thurston and his family are no exception. With 6 people living in the household, it’s no surprise that electricity bills are bound to rise during isolation.

To keep the public up to date with ways to save, this morning JT has spelled out a few energy-saving tips that he has learned while working with the team at Instyle – live on Channel 9’s morning show TODAY EXTRA.

Previous to his on-air chat, JT has also posted a 3-part video on his Instagram stories [follow @jthurston06], where he is seen talking through some simple ways to save power in the home. Directly following JT’s post, he explained these tips further on Channel 9’s Today Extra program.

We were expectedly impressed with the cross to JT live in his home, discussing everything from the state of the NRL in the current pandemic, his families isolation experiences, as well as those money-saving tips.

See the full Today Extra clip, here:


Johnathan Thurston’s Energy Saving Top Tips – Recap:


Since installing rooftop solar with the Instyle Solar team last November, JT has learned some insider tricks to slash his energy bill and save money, particularly while we are spending more time at home than usual.


JT’S TIP #1: Be aware of what power outlets are turned on

Switch off your power pints to save on standby electricity – up to 30 per cent of our electricity bill comes from neglecting to switch off power points. Start with high energy usage items, such as the washing machine and clothes dryer. By doing this, you can save more than a third of your quarterly electricity bill, which could be more than $1,000 per year!


JT’S TIP #2: Check what cents per kilowatt you are paying for power

Don’t forget to also check what the daily supply charges are – it’s on the back of your bill! Use the extra time at home to shop around on these charges, as although it’s typically a small figure, it quickly adds up and can save you and your family money. 


JT’S TIP #3: Use electricity wisely

Small things like closing blinds, using door snakes, and keeping heat or cool air in the house, where possible, make the most of the energy you’re producing. Whatever your product, keep it trapped so the power you’re using doesn’t go to waste. For JT – it is reminding the girls to shut the doors, so they don’t waste power!


You will see JT front our new campaign, Laugh in the Face of Your Energy Provider over the coming months. Of course, there will also be a few surprises along the way.

To find out how you can save big on your energy bill like JT, talk to an Instyle Solar expert about the best solution for your home or business.


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