On October 15th 2019, Industry Leaders aired an episode featuring Instyle Solar, which appeared on Foxtel channel Aurora for the first time.

The team at Annex Media¬†produced the video, which tells the story of the company’s humble beginnings and the ‘why’ behind Instyle Solars launch in 2014. From Karl and Jonahs‘ initial encounters, to personal stories in Karls life, through to the growth and upward trends in business that has got us to a business turnover of more than 100 million, in just over 4 short years.

The team have grown substantially since the recording was done and it’s not looking like stopping anytime soon!

Tune in to see where it all began.


Industry Leaders | S09E02 | Instyle Solar | TV Version from Annex Media on Vimeo.

Keep an eye out on Foxtel as the video will also run as part of a series of repeat Industry Leaders episodes in future.


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