Huawei SUN2000 KTL M1 (from 5kW to 10kW) inverters are high-performing, safe, and reliable. These solar inverters can provide a whopping 98.4% to 98.6% of maximum efficiency, making them ideal for your solar PV system. They allow you to increase your solar power generation up to 30%.

The solar inverter stands as one of the most important pieces in your photovoltaic system. Without it, the system can’t convert direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC), which means any energy produced by your panels will be unusable. That’s why you must use high-quality inverters for optimum solar performance.

This detailed review covers everything you need to know about the Huawei SUN2000 KTL M1 inverter, one of Huawei’s many products.

Read on to explore this solar inverter’s features, advantages, and limitations.

Huawei Sun2000 KTL M1 Inverter

What is the Huawei SUN2000 KTL M1 Inverter?

The SUN2000-KTL-M1 Huawei inverter helps your solar system achieve incredible efficiency levels of 98.6% thanks to its three-phase transformerless solution.

With the inverter, you’ll have a monitoring system to control your energy production at the module level. The SUN2000-KTL-M1 inverter is the interface for Huawei’s Smart Energy Center.

Huawei’s SUN2000 three-phase smart solar inverter series utilise new technology to deliver maximum safety. These solar inverters can detect signs of over-heating that could result in dangerous fires thanks to Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology known as the Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter (AFCI).

The SUN2000-KTL-M1 Huawei inverter has an app with which you can view the parameters of the solar installation in real-time. With the information, you can optimise your power usage and improve the operation of your photovoltaic system.

The app has everything you need to know about your solar panels’ energy generation, including consumption graphs, the consumption of connection to a network, consultation of previous configurations, and optimisation of the installation.

Using the Huawei app for your Sun2000 KTL M1 inverter makes solar monitoring easy.

Huawei SUN2000 KTL M1 inverter range

The Huawei SUN2000 KTL M1 inverter range includes the SUN2000 5KTL M1, SUN2000 8KTL M1, SUN2000 10KTL M1, and more. The 5 KTL M1 solar inverter has a maximum efficiency of 98.4%. The other two inverters perform at 98.6%.

These inverters differ from each other in their power levels. 

The SUN2000 5KTL M1 has an output voltage of 5 kW. The SUN2000 8KTL M1’s output voltage is 8 kW, and the SUN2000 10KTL M1 offers an output voltage of 10 kW.

Technical SpecificationSUN2000 5KTL M1SUN2000 6KTL M1SUN2000 8KTL M1SUN2000 10KTL M1
Max. efficiency98.4%98.6%98.6%98.6%
European weighted efficiency97.5%97.7%98.0%98.1%

With the Huawei SUN2000 KTL M1, the possibilities are endless with an inverter range featuring a weather-rated (IP65) capacity, smart PV safety box, and a ten-year warranty (five years + extra five years with purchase) IV-curve testing, and Rear heat sink, FusionSolar reporting software.

Huawei SUN2000 KTL M1 Price

Huawei SUN2000 KTL M1 inverters typically retail anywhere between $2,200 to $2,500. These inverters all come with a ten-year warranty.

SUN2000 KTL M1

BatteryHuawei LUNA2000 5-30kWh only
Model5 kW and 6 kW
Optimisers450 W
Oversize11 kW
Wi-FiYes, and the 4G option
Warranty10 years

Huawei Sun2000 KTL M1 Inverter Technical Specifications

Technical Specification SUN2000 KTL M1

General Data
Dimensions(W x H x D) 1,035 x 700 x 365 mm
Weight (mounting plate included)90 kg
Operating Temperature Range-25°C ~ 60°C
Max. Operating Altitude4,000 m (13,123 ft.)
Cooling MethodSmart Air Cooling
AC ConnectorWaterproof Connector + OT/DT Terminal
DC ConnectorStaubli MC4
Protection DegreeIP66
Nighttime Power Consumption< 3.5 W
Max. Current per MPPT26 A
Max. Input Voltage 11,100 V
Max. Short Circuit Current per MPPT40 A
MPPT Operating Voltage Range2200 V ~ 1,000 V
Start Voltage200 V
Max. input number per MPP tracker2
Nominal Input Voltage720 V @480 Vac, 600 V @400 Vac,               570 V @380 Vac
Number of MPP trackers10
Max. AC Apparent Power110,000 VA
Nominal AC Active Power100,000 W
Max. AC Active Power (cosφ=1)110,000 W
Rated AC Grid Frequency50 Hz / 60 Hz
Nominal Output Voltage480 V / 400 V / 380 V, 3W+(N)+PE
Adjustable Power Factor Range0.8 leading… 0.8 lagging
Max. Output Current133.7 A @480 V, 160.4 A @400 V,           168.8 A @380 V
Max. Total Harmonic Distortion (THD)<3%
Nominal Output Current120.3 A @480 V, 144.4 A @400 V,           152.0 A @380 V
Anti-islanding ProtectionYes
Input-side Disconnection DeviceYes
DC Reverse-polarity ProtectionYes
AC Overcurrent ProtectionYes
PV-array String Fault MonitoringYes
AC Surge ArresterType II
DC Surge ArresterType II
Residual Current Monitoring UnitYes
Arc Fault ProtectionOptional
DC Insulation Resistance DetectionYes
Smart Dongle-4G4G / 3G / 2G via Smart Dongle – 4G (Optional)
DisplayLED indicators; WLAN adaptor + FusionSolar APP
Monitoring BUS (MBUS)Yes (isolation transformer required)

Huawei Sun2000 KTL M1 Key Features

Huawei Sun2000 KTL M1 inverters provide multiple outstanding features such as Built-in PID recovery, panel optimisers, advanced digital control algorithm, and more. You can easily connect these solar inverters with a Huawei LUNA or an LG Chem battery.

The Huawei SUN2000 solar inverter ranges are typically high-yielding and battery ready. They convert energy quickly and deliver more power to your home than many competing solutions. Solar monitoring is made seamless with these inverters, and you can do it straight from your Android phone, iOS, Mac Mini, MacBook Pro and MacBook Air.

Here’s a list of some noteworthy Huawei Sun2000 KTL M1 key features:

Battery Ready

The Huawei SUN2000 KTL M1 series has a plug-and-play capability that makes them battery ready. You can easily connect these solar inverters with a Huawei LUNA or an LG Chem battery. There’s no need for extra devices, and this feature comes with no additional retrofit costs.

Panel Optimisers

Panel optimisers allow your solar panels to operate at peak form even when one of the panels gets weakened or damaged. This feature distinguishes the Huawei SUN2000 KTL M1 from other inverters. In a standard solar system, whenever a single module is weak or damaged due to harsh weather conditions, soiling, shading, leaves, or bird droppings, the entire system’s performance becomes compromised.

Luckily, this isn’t the case with SUN2000 KTL M1 Huawei inverters because the system’s operation is unaffected when a single panel is compromised, ensuring high efficiency at all times. 

Panel optimisers allow the unaffected panels to operate without decreased production. You can expect higher energy generation of up to 30% from each solar panel with solar optimisers.

Advanced Digital Control Algorithm

The Huawei SUN2000 KTL M1 can generate over 3,000 kilowatts more than the capacity of many other inverters within their first 20 years of operation. The advanced digital control algorithm accounts for this and creates a 98.6% maximum efficiency capacity, meaning Huawei SUN2000 inverters can provide more power for your home than many other solutions.

Built-in PID Recovery

The Huawei SUN2000-5-6-KTL-M1 can recover up to 70% of output loss due to hot and humid weather conditions. Its integrated with a PID (Potential Induced Degradation) recovery system that enhances performance.

This built-in PID recovery feature works alongside the digital algorithm to ensure that your solar PV system operates at peak capacity throughout use.

Huawei Fusion Solar Cloud

The Huawei Fusion Solar Cloud is a Smart PV Management System that will show you how electricity is being generated and used in your home. The solar performance metrics you can view include power output (kW), daily energy production (kWh), savings and income ($), and lifetime energy production.

AI-powered Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter

Unlike many other solar panel systems, the Huawei SUN2000 KTL M1 can alleviate the risk of DC arcing. Its AI-powered Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter (AFCI) accounts for this, as it can effortlessly detect arc faults. Such faults are uncommon, but the solar inverter only takes two seconds to shut down when they arise.

This is an awesome feature for ensuring safety, as you won’t have to worry about dangerous fires due to an overheating solar system.


With the Huawei SUN2000 range, noise won’t be a concern, as the system operates silently. Some solar PV systems can be so noisy that it becomes impossible to relax at your home. But with the Huawei SUN2000 KTL M1 humming as low as 29 dB, your bedroom will be as quiet as a library.

Is the Huawei Sun2000 KTL M1 Inverter Range Good?

The Huawei Sun2000 KTL M1 inverter range features top-of-the-line specs to boost your solar panels’ capability. The inverters are entirely safe and help alleviate the risk of DC arcing. You’ll also find their silent nature a godsend on hot days.

Solar monitoring is seamless with the SUN2000 KTL M1, and you can do it on any device. These capabilities and other features account for the high demand for the Huawei SUN2000 KTL M1 inverter range.

Here’s an overview of the advantages and limitations of the Huawei Sun2000 KTL M1 inverter range:


The Huawei SUN2000 KTL M1 comes integrated with a battery charger that connects them with a battery. This solar inverter is battery ready as they are compatible with a wide range of batteries. If reliability is what you’re after, you can’t go wrong with the SUN2000 KTL M1.

Another benefit of using Huawei SUN2000 inverters is their natural cooling technology. This means the ability to regulate the temperature of the units without requiring noisy fans. With this feature, Huawei SUN2000 inverters are perfect for installation in residential areas.

These solar inverters are also ideal for commercial applications. The absence of fans makes for more durability as there’s a lower risk of corrosion over time. It also makes the solar inverter safer to use.


The Huawei SUN2000 inverter range contains no Emergency Power Supply mode (EPS), meaning you can’t operate your solar battery during a blackout (grid outage).

This is a major limitation as it renders your solar battery effectively useless. After all, the primary goal of installing solar batteries is to provide backup power to the grid.

Huawei inverters don’t exactly thrive when installed in salt areas either. The manufacturer manual suggests that you avoid installations in areas prone to sea breeze or within 500m of the coast.

The SUN2000 KTL M1 inverter is IP65 rated, but installing it in these regions may upset your ability to claim a warranty.

Which Batteries are Compatible with Huawei Sun2000 KTL M1 Inverters?

Huawei SUN2000 KTL M1 inverters are compatible with various batteries on the market, including the Huawei LUNA or LG Chem batteries. These inverters have a plug-and-play capability that makes for easy connection with batteries. You don’t require any extra devices and won’t pay additional retrofit costs.

Huawei’s solar inverters are also known as “battery ready” inverters since they come with multiple features that allow you to add batteries in the future without any AC main grids. With such a time-saving feature, it’s no surprise that these solar inverters are so popular.

Wrapping Up

With some of the best solar inverters on the market, Huawei is undoubtedly a leading name in the solar industry. Their inverters boast numerous built-in features to ensure high performance and efficiency.

Huawei SUN2000 KTL M1 inverters are a must if you’re looking for reliability. Thanks to their natural cooling system, these solar inverters regulate the temperature of the units without requiring noisy fans. The AI-powered Active Arcing Protection also alleviates the risk of fires due to overheating.

The SUN2000 KTL M1 solar inverter range is an excellent solution for residential and commercial applications. You’ll find the perfect answer to your solar needs within the 5kW to 10kW models.

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