List of Huawei Inverter Error Codes & Solutions

Published: 11 October 2021

The following are some codes you may get from a Huawei inverter, which are called AlarmIDs.

Huawei inverters will also display codes (Alarm ID) for memory issues, failed internal tests, measurement issues, etc. Many error codes are one-time events, but you should get technical support if there are constant issues – especially if you get the same Alarm ID many times. The below error codes are applicable to the following solar inverters:

Huawei Sun2000 KTL L1



You can trouble shoot these inverter error codes using the Huawei Fusion Solar monitoring app.

Type of IssueCommon Error CodesOverview
Grid voltage and frequency disturbances301 – Abnormal grid voltage
305 – Abnormal grid frequency
Grid disturbances are temporary, and the inverter returns to normal when voltage and frequency stabilise. 
However, you should get technical support if the inverter shows these faults when the grid is providing adequate voltage and frequency.
Overcurrent and other faults103 – High DC input voltage
106-113 – Abnormal operation of solar panel string circuits (1-8)
120-127 – Reverse connection of solar panel string circuits (1-8)
200 – Abnormal DC circuit
202 – Abnormal inverter circuit
313 – Low insulation resistance
326 – Abnormal grounding
400 – System fault
412 – DC arc fault
These may occur as isolated events, but they may also indicate issues that need technical attention.
103 may be triggered by having too many modules in the same circuit.
106-113 may indicate shaded or damaged panels.
412 can be caused by loose wiring in the photovoltaic array
Temperature issues321 – Cabinet temperature highCan be caused by placing the inverter in a poorly ventilated location, or by fan malfunctions.
Software issues504 – Wrong software version
505 – Failed upgrade
506 – Expired license
Upgrade the software as needed, you can repeat the upgrade when getting 505.

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