Huawei FusionSolar Inverters

Published: 5 August 2021

The FusionSolar product line from Huawei focuses on smart inverters and energy management systems, supported by technologies like cloud computing and artificial intelligence.

Huawei is a multinational technology corporation, founded in 1987 and headquartered in Shenzhen. Huawei serves more than 3 billion people in over 170 countries and regions, with a global workforce of more than 194,000 employees. The FusionSolar product line from Huawei focuses on smart inverters and energy management systems, supported by technologies like cloud computing and artificial intelligence. FusionSolar covers residential, commercial, industrial and utility-scale projects.

  • Huawei focuses on increasing the efficiency and reliability of solar power systems, while improving their integration with the grid.
  • The company has 14 R&D centers dedicated to energy networks and solar photovoltaics, and they have been awarded over 600 patents.

Huawei Smart Energy Controllers are designed for single-phase and three-phase installations with up to 6 kW of capacity. Smart String Inverters are larger, designed for system capacities of 8 kW or more, up to 185 kW. At Instyle Solar, we work with both types of Huawei inverters.

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Huawei FusionSolar – Smart Energy Controllers

Smart Energy Controllers are available in single-phase and three-phase versions. They offer plug & play compatibility with batteries, with no modifications or external devices needed. The following table compares the single-phase and three-phase versions:

Product FeaturesSmart Energy Controller(Single-Phase)Smart Energy Controller(Three-Phase)
Product NameSUN2000-2/3/4/4.6/5/6KTL-L1SUN2000-5/6KTL-M1
Capacity2kW, 3kW, 4kW, 4.6kW, 5kW, 6kW 5kW and 6kW
EfficiencyUp to 98.4%Up to 98.6%
Maximum power point trackers (MPPT)2 circuits2 circuits
Operating temperature-25°C to +60°C-25°C to +60°C
CommunicationFusionSolar appWLAN, Ethernet, 2G/3G/4GRS485 for smart meterFusionSolar appWLAN, Ethernet, 2G/3G/4GRS485 for smart meter

All Smart Energy Controllers are compatible with the SUN2000-450W-P power optimisers from Huawei. These are installed on individual solar panels to improve their performance, and they can increase solar yield by up to 30%.

5kW Smart Energy Controllers can deliver up to 10kW when combined with battery systems. The inverter obtains 5 kW from solar generation, and 5 kW from the fully charged battery.

Huawei FusionSolar – Smart String Inverters

Smart String Inverters from Huawei are available in several configurations, depending on their capacity range: 8-20 kW, 29.9-40 kW, 50-60 kW, 100 kW and 185 kW. The following table summarizes the main features of the Smart String Inverters used by Instyle Solar:

Product Features8 – 20 kW29.9 – 40 kW50 and 60 kW
Product NameSUN2000-8/10/12/15/17/20KTL-M2SUN2000-29.9/36/40KTL-M3 SUN2000-50KTL-M0SUN2000-60KTL-M0
Dimensions and Weight525 x 470 x 262 mm25 kg640 x 530 x 270 mm43 kg1,075 x 555 x 300 mm74 kg
Capacity8kW, 10kW, 12kW, 15kW, 17kW, 20kW29.9kW, 36 kW, 40kW50kW and 60kW
EfficiencyUp to 98.65%Up to 98.7%Up to 98.7% (50kW)Up to 98.9% (60kW)
String Circuits4 circuits, 2 MPPTs8 circuits, 4 MPPTs12 circuits, 6 MPPTs
Operating Temp.-25°C to +60°C-25°C to +60°C-25°C to +60°C
CommunicationFusionSolar appWLAN / Ethernet2G/3G/4GRS485FusionSolar appWLAN / Ethernet2G/3G/4GRS485USBMonitoring BUSRS485

Smart String Inverters up to 40kW of capacity are compatible with the SUN2000-450W-P optimisers, which increase their productivity by up to 30%. Each optimiser has a weight of only 0.55kg including cables, while measuring 71 x 138 x 25 mm.

Huawei inverters can be also equipped with the Smart Power Sensor for enhanced monitoring, via RS485. The sensor offers Accuracy Class 1, power export control, and an LCD display.

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