How to read your solar inverter

Published: 8 May 2020

For homeowners who have taken the leap and switched to Solar Power, there are many things to understand about your new equipment and mini-power station on the roof.
One of the most common calls we receive is around troubleshooting various queries relating to the solar inverter.


It’s usually a case of walking through some common functions and processes. Although all brands of solar panel inverters can have reasonably different controls, the ideas behind how to do some basic troubleshooting are the same. It’s a common question to ask what solar inverter brands on the market produce the best solar inverter, but we have our preferred brands as do other companies installing solar panels and solar power storage systems. The way in which they convert DC to AC power, or current is essentially the same, so we have produced this video about how to understand the solar inverter basics, which can be applied to many solar inverter brands. So, how do you read your solar inverter?

In this video below, we have outlined the following common queries about solar inverters:

  1. How to read my solar inverter
  2. What does my inverter error code mean
  3. How do I restart my inverter
  4. How do I know if my inverter is working
  5. How to check if my solar panels are working
  6. Should my inverter turn off at night
  7. What to do if my inverter is not working

In this video, our senior installer Mark, & Johnathan Thurston are walking through the processes on a Fronius single-phase inverter [Primo].

If you still have questions about your solar inverter after watching this very handy video, feel free to give us a call anytime and speak to one of our technical support team members – 1300 133 556; alternatively, you can chat to one of our team members.

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