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Heather and Neville Viney

56% Bill Reduction

$2572 Annual Savings

26.79kWh Daily Production

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About Project

Heather and Neville started considering going solar when their quarterly bill reached $1200—not to mention that their existing solar system had been replaced twice in 5 years. They own a house in QLD with a tiled roof which, unfortunately, has many angles and partly shaded areas. Such a roof structure restricted the number of panels they could feasibly put up on their roof on the northern facing area. A few trees were removed as advised, prior to installation.

Viney Power Bill

Our Solar Solution

We put together a 6.38 kW system splitting up 22 REC Twin Peak 2 (290W) solar panels into three areas and adding 22 Enphase micro-inverters. The micro-inverters enabled efficient production across three different faces of the roof, overcoming any shading issues. The outcome needs no explanation: bills have dropped more than half to $502.00, even without an effort to cut down on usage.

The Results


Bill Reduction


Annual Savings


kWh Per Day

“The team at Instyle Solar were extremely professional and helpful from the first call to the completion of installation. All our options were explained easily and we felt like we got exactly what we needed and nothing we didn’t. The installation was smooth and the guys were polite and professional even cleaning up some things we had in the way without a second thought. Have already referred a few people and would highly recommend.”

Australian Carpenters, Proud Instyle Customers

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