Aussie Carpentry 10kW

75% Bill Reduction

50% Increase in Self Production

6kWh Battery Storage

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About Aussie Carpenting

Aussie Carpentry was looking for a way to reduce the cost of their heavy machinery. Being a commercial premise, AC were paying through the roof on their electrical bills, just to keep their doors open. They were keen to find out if solar power could help them increase their bottom line!

Our Solar Solution

Given Aussie Carpentry's need for a large amount of power, Instyle outfitted them with a three-phase premium solar solution. That way they can power even their largest machines, without needing to pull power from the grid, saving them money in the long run. 

The Results


Bill Reduction


Self Consumption


kWh Per Day

“The team at Instyle Solar were extremely professional and helpful from the first call to the completion of installation. All our options were explained easily and we felt like we got exactly what we needed and nothing we didn’t. The installation was smooth and the guys were polite and professional even cleaning up some things we had in the way without a second thought. Have already referred a few people and would highly recommend.”

Australian Carpenters, Proud Instyle Customers

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