All ABB Inverter Error Codes & How to Fix Them

Published: 11 October 2021

The following are some codes you may get from an ABB inverter.

Codes that start with the letter “E” indicate an error, while those starting with “W” are warnings:

Type of IssueCommon Error / Warning CodesOverview
Grid voltage and frequency disturbancesW003 – Wrong grid parameters
W004 – Grid overvoltage
W005 – Grid undervoltage
W006 – Grid overfrequency
W007 – Grid underfrequency
Grid issues are temporary, and the inverter will resume normal operation when they end. However, you should get technical support if these warnings remain active when the grid returns to normal.
Overcurrent and other faultsE001 – Input overcurrent (DC)
E002 – Input overvoltage
E006 – Output overcurrent (AC)
E012 – DC/DC converter error (detected by the inverter)
E016 – Inverter fail (detected by DC/DC converter)
E018 – Leakage current fault
E020 – DC/DC relay fault
E021 – Inverter relay fault
E023 – DC injection error
E025 – Low insulation resistance
E036 – Average output voltage outside of range
Many of these errors indicate isolated events, but you should get the inverter checked if they persist.
The E018 error could mean there is a ground fault on the solar array.
The E025 error could mean the insulation is damaged, making ground faults more likely.
You should get technical support if any of these errors become persistent.
Inverter status notificationsW001 – Input voltage under threshold
W002 – Input undervoltage
Generally, these warnings appear when the solar array is not generating enough voltage for conversion to AC. The inverter operates normally when the voltage reaches a suitable value.
Electrical connection issuesE013 – Wrong input settingYou should get technical support, to ensure that all inverter parameters are set correctly.
Temperature issuesE014 – Internal temperature of the inverter too high
W010 – Fan failure
E033 – Internal temperature of the inverter too low
The inverter will operate normally when temperature returns to a suitable value. Make sure there are no objects or dust blocking the air inlets. 
Fan issues have their own warning code, and you should get them checked.
Software issuesE005 – Communication error
E017 – Start timeout
W012 – Clock battery low
W013 – Clock failure
Many software errors are temporary, and they can be fixed by resetting your inverter. You can update the firmware if a reset is not enough.

ABB inverters generate other codes beyond those listed above. They can indicate communication issues, sensor faults, measurement errors, etc. Regardless of the specific code or warning indicated by the inverter, you should get technical support if issues become frequent.

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