1. NSW Solar Farm Keeping Sydney Trains on Track

Nestled in the somewhat parched patchwork of Mudgee farmland, the new Beryl solar farm has begun injecting electricity to the grid. Sydney Metro train lines are their anchor client and will account for 69% of Beryl’s generation of the coming 15 years. The 87 MW Beryl solar farm took 12 months from construction commencement to grid connection and operation. Relative to the construction of a coal-fired power station, this is lightning fast. Solar taking charge.


2. Big Solar Farms a Shining Example of Emissions Reductions

Reminder to readers. The reason we have gone down the path of renewables is primarily because of necessary carbon emissions reductions. It is so very easy to forget this with energy cost so inextricably linked to the transition, and so immediately close to us all. With Australian leadership currently fielding endless criticism for lacklustre performance on the emissions reduction front, It’s great to hear that the intended purpose of solar, emissions reductions, is actually being realised through big solar farms. Kicking and screaming into a clean energy future.


3. Cars Without Steering Wheels? It’s Happening

Most of us have found ourselves, at some point or another, up the proverbial creek without a paddle. Digital inevitability will now find us down the freeway without a steering wheel. What’s more, other vehicular controls we have come to know and love, such as brake pedals, will also be absent from the modern car. I have to admit, I’m quite partial to my steering wheel and, indeed, very fond of my brake pedal. Are we ready for this? Doesn’t matter, they’re coming. Will the Sunday drive actually be the Sunday drive anymore?


4. Wind Farm Objections. Turns out, there’s really Nothing Objectionable

Tony Abbott was always concerned about the negative impacts of wind farms. He, with the support of a vocal band of windmill haters, set up a ‘hotline’ to field the projected countless wind farm objections from concerned citizens. Almost 200 objections were received since 2015, the vast majority about proposed wind farm developments. In 2018, only 8 objections were received. These were all about operational wind farms and all from Victoria. Turns out, once they’re up and running, people find nothing to object to. Fear mongering? Misinformation?


5. Earth Day 2019. A Positive Outlook

Whether rank and file earthlings have a true understanding of global warming is debatable. It’s pretty clear division still remains about the human impacts relative to global warming. One thing is certain, however. Any of us with even the most spasmodic connection to the global media will be acutely aware of the climate doom and gloom being forecast for our children. Earth day 2019, true to its charter, has focused on the positives. Earth day 2019 chose to focus on the progress that has been made in recent years. Encouraging over scolding.


6. Rooftop Solar Uptake Very Slowing in the West

In the last quarter QLD, NSW and VIC added a rooftop solar capacity from 118,000 KW to 125,000 KW. Western Australia added only 56,000 KW, lagging well behind Queensland, the lowest figures in the east. With the eastern states embracing rooftop solar as if their lives depended on it, what is it that keeps Western Australia drawing up the rear at a very distant 4th place. Looking at it closely, one might conclude that a lack of political will might be playing a role here. Leadership makes a difference.


7. News from Abroad. Islands of Power. Dutch to Construct a Solar Archipelago

In order to combat growing concern about solar and wind farms dominating landscapes, the Dutch are looking to the water. China is already well across this method, as is the Netherlands, but the size and style of the Dutch development are unique. Dutch engineers will create 15 solar islands on the Andijk reservoir in North Holland. The islands, containing 73,500 panels, will have the ability to follow the sun to maximise absorption. The fact that they move will also mitigate against any adverse impacts on the aquatic ecosystem. Learn more here.


8. Australian Solar Panel Innovation

There are plenty of Aussie companies with industrial and commercial buildings looking to embrace the benefits of rooftop solar. However, these large scale installations face greater barriers than your average domestic solar installation. In order to combat these barriers, an Aussie start-up has developed a movable, prefab mounting system that removes significant levels of labour and disruption from the process. Much of the construction is achievable off-site in the solar factory. Aussie solar innovation.


9. Debunked. Electric Cars are Dirtier than Diesel Cars

Big oil companies along with their vehicle manufacturing mates have tried relentlessly to sell the notion that electric vehicles are worse for the environment than petrol and diesel vehicles. Recent studies demonstrate that the methodology used to reach their anti-electric conclusion is completely flawed. Flawed methodology, coupled with an obvious vested interest in internal combustion vehicles, ensures critics smell a rat before they even start sniffing. Exposing rubbery and dodgy claims figures that have been doused in petrol.


10. This Week’s Video. Self-Driving Cars

What is a car? That which we have experienced in vehicle transport over the last century is all about to change. There is certainly plenty of debate as to when exactly, but it will change. Self-driving cars will become a reality. This weeks video provides a great insight into what we can expect. Grab your popcorn. Driving off into a digital sunset.


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