1. Wind, Solar and Storage Costs Dropping Dramatically in Australia. Fossil Fuels in Shock

When new technologies are born and begin their integration into the mainstream economy, it’s a pricy affair for consumers. However, once established a correction occurs. These technologies eventually become affordable and competitive. As predicted by those with foresight, this has happened with renewables. The fossil fuel industry is now left gob-smacked at how completely renewable energy generation is outperforming them. And so it comes to pass.


2. One-Third of the World’s Power Capacity is Now Driven By Renewable Energy

Various international reports suggest that the global community has dropped their collective bundle on renewables transition over the last 5 years. However, the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) reveals data indicating that with the addition of 2018’s 171 GW of green power, renewables are now in a position to provide a third of global power capacity. Wind and Solar are leading the way, contributing 84% of global renewables growth. Growing naturally.


3. Wind Farms. Where Big Is Beautiful. 700MW Wind Farm Proposed for Victoria.

The size and scale of many of the wind and solar farms across the world is truly astonishing. Australia, traditional home of “The Big….” has surprisingly, been a little slow to construct a mega solar or wind farm. Now we have our big battery, it appears our first big wind farm might be on the way. A 700 MW wind farm is being proposed for Hexham in South West Victoria. The proposed farm will consist of 125 turbines situated on a plot of land close to transmission infrastructure and frequent reliable winds. Blowing up the grid.


4. The ACCC Wants to End Our Rooftop Solar Subsidies

On the surface, such news sounds nothing short of horrible. For solar customers unable to have solar installed before 2021 (the ACCC proposed rebate end date), the news is probably pretty glib. Both sides of parliament oppose the ACCC’s position, so the likelihood of this eventuating seems slim. On a positive note, the fact that the ACCC believes that rooftop solar can now compete without rebates testifies to the huge success that rooftop solar has become. Great work rooftop solar Australians.


5. Testing the Future of Home Based Virtual Solar Plants

Ausgrid and Reposit Power are linking arms to create a one-megawatt virtual power plant in and beyond suburban Sydney. The solar trial will involve the solar panels and battery storage of 233 suitably equipped households. The collective stored energy can be injected into the grid in milliseconds. It’s dispatchable power back-up that works in a similar way to the Tesla big battery in South Australia. A successful trial presents a likelihood of electricity cost reduction, as well as the continued decentralisation of power resources. The benefits of virtual power plants.


6. Fighting Carbon Emission on All Fronts. Environmental Restoration

A Google search on deforestation over the last 100 years reveals a frightening picture of how the lungs of the Earth have been ravaged. While the very visible energy generation transition plays out, activists have been jostling in the wings to create awareness about ecosystem restoration. They suggest that ecosystem restoration is the single most undervalued approach to climate change mitigation. Research suggests up to a third of greenhouse emissions can be removed from the atmosphere by natural solutions such as ecological restoration. Repairing the lungs of the earth.


7. Labour’s Climate Change Policy Revealed

The Federal Labour Party has campaigned hard on climate issues. We now have a list of climate change policy content for voters to scrutinise. Given the LNP’s compulsion to rubbish Labour policy at every opportunity, there is a great likelihood that some of the opposition’s message may well drown out coal-powered LNP rhetoric. The Guardian has released a reasonably comprehensive outline of Labour’s climate policy. This is a decent insight, relatively free of LNP interjection. Some things we already know, but there are a few new things worth investigating. Checking the pre-election election promise.


8. 2018’s Efforts Gets Aussies an Upbeat Renewables Report

Clean Energy Australia has revealed that investment in large-scale renewables projects doubled in Australia in 2018. A total investment value of $20 billion last year was made even sweeter considering complete energy policy chaos at the federal level. It had been predicted by many a qualified commentator that the complete energy policy confusion in Canberra would ultimately stifle renewables investment. However, it would seem that when there is money to be made, not even Capital Hill confusion and chaos can inhibit the flow of investment dollars. Investors understand the renewables bottom line.


9. Japanese Electric Motorcycles to Benefit From Unprecedented Big Brand Collaboration

Traditional rivals Honda, Suzuki, Kawasaki and Yamaha are putting their heads together to expedite the development of the electric motorcycle in Japan. The big four Japanese brands have made little to relatively no headway in adding production electric motorcycles to their huge stables of motorcycles. It would appear their collaboration is commencing with standardising batteries and charging systems. This is brilliant news for electric motorcycle consumers waiting for the Japanese motorcycle powerhouses to catch up with the electric program. Much needed progress and well overdue.


10. This week’s Video. 10 EV’s for 2019 and Beyond

The world of electric vehicles is growing in size, demand, design, power and stature – not to mention diversity. There are some amazing electric vehicles already on the roads, and 2019 will deliver more. This video demonstrates the direction of several manufacturers, and if these cars are anything to go by, the future of electric vehicles is very exciting indeed. C’mon Australia, get your policy in order so we can get these things in local showrooms. Great EV’s.


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