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1. I Love a Sunburnt Country, a Land of Cheap Renewables

Our vocal band of climate denying LNP politicians have frequently quoted Dorothy McKellar’s most famous musings about the historical extremes of Australian geography. They have used the ”… of droughts and flooding rains” reference, in particular, to tell us that we have always endured climate chaos here Down Under. They tell us extreme weather has nothing to do with coal or human activity. The frightening thing is that their position can’t even be written off as disingenuous – they deny human-induced climate change is happening at all. Perhaps the economic argument for cheaper electricity will win over this small, but influential group who are determined to remain ignorant to the in your face climate science. Check the numbers.


2. The Annoyingly Endless Argument of Which is Cheaper, Coal or Renewables, Continues Despite the Facts

Former PM, Tony Abbott insists that coal is cheaper than renewables. What’s more, he continues to tell us about it. Despite all the evidence to the contrary, his position is unwavering. His recent statements evoked a response from former prime minister Malcolm Turnbull tweeting that Abbott’s position is “innumerate idiocy.” We tend to agree. Why? Well,… the numbers really don’t lie. Nor does the investment trail. Is coal cheaper? It depends which way you hold your tongue when you view the stats through your coal coloured glasses. Does 1 + 1 = 2 anymore? Simple Euclidean numeracy has no place in coal bias. See for yourself.


3. It Beggars Belief. Will the LNP Bury Its Re-election Ambitions Irretrievably Down a Deep Coal Mine Shaft?

Coal-fired power ideology is alive and well in the ranks of the federal LNP. Considering the imminent Federal election, the scene is somewhat reminiscent of the string quartet continuing to calmly play on the frigid decks of the HMS Titanic as certain doom approached. Australians are wising up to the tired old coal power is cheaper narrative. While the LNP preaches coal to the converted, the rest of Australia may well ignore them at the ballot box. It would seem certain factions of the LNP live in perpetual denial, and on more than one level. Click here for the latest coal fantasy.


4. Coal Power, Big Power Corporations, the LNP and Trevor St Baker. The New Coal Generation Circus

Some of the big Australian power players have more or less ignored the Morrison Government’s big play for government underwritten new coal plant constructions. AGL, Origin and Energy Australia are simply not interested in coal anymore. Origin didn’t submit a proposal at all, whereas AGL and Energy Australia, not interested in free money to build coal power, submitted proposals for renewables. Coal baron Trevor St Baker was the exception to the rule. He’s very keen to spend $6 billion of taxpayer contributions in order to line his pockets with profits and fill the atmosphere with carbon. When will this end?


5. News from Abroad. The US State of New Mexico 100 Percent Carbon-free Electricity by 2045

Of course, such ambition is to be applauded. Following in the footsteps of their Californian brothers and sisters, 100% carbon-free electricity generation by 2045 is ambitious and responsible. In the coming weeks, a stroke of the pen will write this ambition into law. While this news is mostly good, it is a little worrying that nuclear energy, while not considered renewable, can make huge impacts on carbon reduction. Does this mean nuclear power will remain in favour despite the dangers? More here.


6. Humanity and our Indifference to the Environment that Supports Us

Global Environment Outlook 6 has just been published. The environmental forecast document was recently produced by 250 scientists and experts from more than 70 countries. The conclusion does not paint a rosy picture for human existence. The effects that are already locked in will be profound, even if Paris targets are met. The report forecasts that by mid-century Asia, Africa and the Middle-East will experience millions of environment-related premature deaths. The report also issues reason for hope, however, suggesting that focusing on entire systems instead of individual issues can arrest the potential devastation. Past time to act.


7. Apparently, it is Not the Role of the Reserve Bank to Warn Australians About the Potential Economic Disasters of Climate Change

In his speech last Tuesday, the RBA deputy governor Guy Debelle warned that the economic woes of climate change have the potential to become close to permanent. He warned of the great risk to Australia’s economic stability. Unsurprisingly, the lone voice of dissent came from none other than coal baron Trevor St Baker. He labelled the RBA deputy governor’s statements as being totally inappropriate. St Baker suggested Debelle lacked any understanding of the electricity market in our island nation. Further reading here.


8. 2GB, the Home of the Aussie Shock Jocks. Broadcasting Ignorance from Deep Underground

In a clear PR campaign for thermal coal, Hunter Valley coal in particular, 2GB afternoon presenter Chris Smith presented his show live from deep in a coal mine in the NSW Hunter Valley. In a litany of misinformation, coal propaganda and blatant lies, the old school of coal looked to be clutching at straws, insisting on its ongoing relevance in power generation. Interviewed by Smith, the CEO of the NSW Minerals Council Stephen Galilee stated that, “It’s discriminatory to support renewables with subsidies, but not coal.” Disturbing.


9. Video. Understanding Rising Sea Levels

One of the dire consequences for modern human society is the rise of sea levels due to global warming. Because sea level rise happens in very small increments, it’s hard for the great majority of us to see, and therefore understand. The following video delivers an outstanding explanation of how sea levels are measured and how changes are quantified and forecast. Sign up for solar now and help keep your beach in the same place it is today. Tides up.


10. Video 2. Sea Levels, an Australian Perspective

Understanding sea level rise is one thing. Seeing its potential here in Australia is another. Where the previous video delivers a well presented technical explanation of sea level rise, the following video brings it home, i.e., to Australia. Somehow everything becomes that little more relevant when potential disaster is unfolding in your own backyard. We Aussies love the sea, but let’s leave it where it is instead of it flowing down Main Street Cityville.

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