1. Floating Solar. Advantages Outweigh the Technical Challenges

Many of us will have seen the huge wind farms being constructed out to sea, the largest of which has just come online in the UK. But what about the floating solar? China already has a massive floating solar array (world’s largest) producing bucket loads of clean electricity. Obviously, there are challenges to be overcome. Building an array on water poses considerable challenges relative to mounting an array on your roof or on stable land. It would appear, however, that the advantages significantly outweigh the disadvantages. Floating energy.


2. Australian Climate Scientists Call out the Federal Coalition on Fake News. Australia Will Not Make Paris Agreement Targets in a “Canter”

Despite federal coalition protestations to the contrary, Australia is not on target to meet its already inadequate 2030 emissions reduction target. Federal energy minister Angus Taylor has repeatedly declared that national emissions were “coming down.” A group of 28 climate scientists have issued a joint statement in which they table the evidence that demonstrates Australian Carbon emission have been on the rise ever since the Abbott government. Dangerous political spin.


3. News From Aboard. When Clean Energy is Dirty. Chinese Hydro Project a Death Sentence for as Many as 1500 Chimpanzees

Clean energy should never come at the expense of our precious wildlife. Chinese hydro giant Sinohydro is planning to construct a 294MW dam and hydro plant in Moyen-Bafing National park, Guinea. Critics are protesting that the new plant will destroy a newly created and critical chimpanzee sanctuary, swamping habitat and killing as many as 1500 chimps. Chimp numbers have already declined by 80% in the region. The project, should it go ahead, will also displace over 8000 people. And still we are profoundly reckless.


4. Investors are Cashed Up and Lining Up to Invest in Renewables in Australia

In the last decade, much has been written about Australia’s continued chaotic energy policy, and the harsh critiques continue from home and abroad. Reportedly, the greatest problem with our lack of coherent energy policy is that it will stifle, if not halt renewables investment. Well, apparently not. Influential bankers have cited a veritable “tsunami” of cash waiting impatiently for a home in Australia’s booming renewables industry. Investors appear undeterred by current and potential regulatory clouds. It would seem there is just far too much money to be made in Australian renewables to worry about the fine print and clumsy governance. There’s gold in them there hills!


5. Solar and Other Renewables Have a Fight on Their Hands. Meet Australia’s Bad Boys of Carbon

Despite the profound growth of Australian renewables, they are still a comparatively small (if influential) player on the Aussie energy landscape. Australia still generates astonishing levels of carbon to provide us with our electricity. Meet Australia’s top ten carbon emitters. It’s these companies that are in the crosshairs of the solar and renewables revolution and looking at the numbers, the good guys have a significant fight ahead. Progress is being made but speed is of the essence.


6. Biomass. Is it Really a Renewable Energy? Certain Biomass Practice is Being Argued as Anything but Renewable Energy

The European Union has selected biomass energy production to ensure their carbon reduction targets are met. However, Estonia, Ireland, France, Romania, Slovakia, and the U.S. have mounted a legal challenge in order to clarify the definition of renewable. It is argued that current EU techniques for fuelling biomass plants are far from renewable, with rampant deforestation a certain result of escalating biomass energy demand. Moreover, CO2 emissions from burning wood fuel are not counted. Wood is an important fuel for biomass energy, but cutting down trees, including old growth forests and rare species of trees, is contrary to renewable principals. Levelling forests to keep the lights on? Hardly renewable.


7. Understanding Biomass Energy Production. A Concise Explanation

In order to better understand the controversial issues cited in the previous biomass article, the following video has been included. Biomass energy is generated by burning organic matter. If organic matter is being burned, there will be carbon emissions. Further to this, the organic matter, i.e. the fuel required for biomass energy production, has to come from somewhere. With solar, wind and hydro so clean, is mass biomass energy production an imposter in the renewable energy fabric? Learn more here.


8. Harley Davidson Releases Increased Electric Motorcycle Performance Specs Ahead of First Deliveries Due for Delivery Next Autumn (USA)

The Harley-Davidson’s LiveWire premium electric motorcycle looks drop-dead gorgeous. This stands to reason; Harley is the epitome of the statement/style motorcycle. But it would appear the style came at the cost of speed, range and charge time, and therefore fell well behind its competitors in terms of performance specs. However, some last minute tweaking has improved performance. While still sitting behind competitors in performance, you can still break every speed limit in the world in roughly 4 seconds, and you’ll look better than everybody else while you’re doing it. The most iconic electric ride.


9. Morrison’s Pre-Election Climate Policy. History Considered, What Can We Make of It? Spin, Climate Lip service? Or are the Lib/Nats Born Again?

Voters Australia wide have been agitating for policies providing affordable energy for a decade now. Increasingly, this voice has swung to demanding very serious leadership on climate change, while not forgetting energy affordability. Given the incumbent’s stock solution has been to throw coal at all and every energy problem, can voters trust any green climate/energy solution presented by the Morrison Government? With ever-increasing carbon emissions and dubious interpretations of climate data, trusting green initiative from the Morrison government may well be fraught. Here are some facts to help you.


10. This Week’s Video. Greening the Desert

With many deserts across the world deemed more or less wastelands, many have speculated about the benefits of ‘greening the deserts’. It’s by no means a new concept. Always a pipedream owing to astronomical costs, will new technologies, more affordable technologies and a global carbon reduction imperative make this long-held dream a reality? Grab your popcorn, let’s visit the Sahara.


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