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1. Will My Solar Panels Continue to Deliver Power During a Blackout

One of the reasons many of us install solar panels is for protection from power interruptions. Blackouts do happen and for a number of reasons, be it weather events, scheduled interruptions or plant failure. Will your solar system deliver immunity from such events? When another coal plant fails, plummeting you and your family into instant darkness, will your array save the day…or more importantly, the night? It’s possible, but you need the appropriate solar system. Learn more about it here.


2. The Geneva Motor Show Reveals the Electric Ambitions of the Not Too Distant Future

The Geneva Motor Show has quickly become the preferred showcase for the new electric vehicles of the world’s most influential car makers. The 2019 Geneva Motor Show opens next week and in keeping with tradition, will reveal electric vehicle designs and concepts seemingly straight out of science fiction. It’s not fiction however, some of these vehicles will eventually hit a motor dealer near you. Follow the link for a preview of what’s in store for your daily drive. EV’s of the future hit the runway.


3. Australian Rooftop Solar Keeps Our Air Conditioners Running during Unprecedented Aussie Heatwaves

During the Aussie summer just past, the mercury pushed the limits of our temperature gauges. Moreover, our gauges were stuck on ridiculously high for sustained periods. As we all turned to our air conditioners for relief, our coal power plants began to tremble in their footings and fail. The coal power ‘reliability’ misnomer was exposed yet again. Fortunately, the Aussie penchant for taking matters into their own hands saw our ever-expanding rooftop solar maintain grid stability. Solar is fast becoming everything it promised and more.


4. Aussie Battery Invention Set to Revolutionise Battery Storage

A contemporary take on a very old technology has the potential to blow Lithium Ion from its battery-powered throne. Zinc Bromide batteries were patented way back in the late 19th century, yet Thomas Maschmeyer, professor of chemistry at the University of Sydney, has applied modern chemistry to revitalise the technology. A key benefit of The Gelion Endure Battery is the abundance of low cost raw materials required for its construction, namely zinc and bromide. This will ensure manufacturing is profoundly cheap relative to Lithium Ion. In terms of benefits, this is just the tip of the iceberg. Powering up on Aussie innovation.


5. Calls from the Federal Coalition Backbench to Ramp Up Its Climate Credentials Before the Election

If only arguably, it is the backbencher who has the closest connection to the ears and voice of their constituents. Members of the backbench have signalled that the party’s weak climate credentials is a very large thorn in the side of coalition election hopes, and that pre-election climate commitments must be made. Is there a genuine climate conscience simmering in the lower echelons of the coalition or are these agitating members worried about retaining their seat, as their constituents voice concern about current coalition climate policy? A Liberal voice for the climate.


6. Rooftop Solar - Those with Less Contributing More

Contrary to widely held belief, it is not the upper reaches of Australia’s socio-economic spectrum who are funding the rapid uptake of rooftop solar. New research has revealed that PV uptake is more common in Australian middle-lower socio-economic households. One could draw a host of conclusions from this research but there are 2 things clearly revealed. Firstly, it indicates that solar is more affordable than ever. Second is that it is those with less who will go out of their way to ensure they have a level of protection and independence from costly power prices. Solar citizens doing more with less.


7. Snowy 2 Is Officially Underway but the Business Case is Still Yet to be Released to the Public

Scott Morrison has announced that while the feds will fund the bulk of the work in the Snowy Mountains, Victoria and NSW will pay the lion's share of the distribution infrastructure. There is also a concern that without a public release of the Snowy 2 business case, key stakeholders will remain in the dark about the economic feasibility. Given the Morrison government has spent 7.5 billion dollars thus far, will the financial gravity of Snowy 2 pull funds from other necessary energy projects? No doubt it’s a fabulous renewables project but what hides in the fine print?


8. “Alexa, Mow the Lawn.” Cutting Grass in the Google Age

Is the Husqvarna 435X robotic lawn mower with its £4,400 price tag an expensive gimmick or a true vision of our hyper connected robotic future? As renewables come to drive our energy demands and the microchip gets even smaller, household chores we take for granted are set to hit sci-fi level automation. Want your grass cut before you get home from work? Call up your Husqvarna 435X robotic mower from your cell phone, and arrive home to the smell of freshly cut grass. Do robot mowers dream of electric grass?


9. Emissions Reduction Funding Used to Capitalise Fossil Fuel Power Plant for Mining Giant Gold Fields

In yet another demonstration of climate contempt, the Morrison Government has funded a Western Australian based South African gold miner to assist with their construction of a gas power plant. While it will be replacing a dirty diesel plant and therefore environmentally advantageous, one might question the allocation of much needed climate funds to an already commercially viable project. Golf Field revealed that they would have proceeded with the project regardless of the funding. Wasting scarce climate funding.


10. This Week’s Video - Battery Basics

Batteries. For much of our lives we have taken them for granted. Christmas was the exception of course, because dad invariably failed to buy batteries for the new toys and all the shops were closed. This is only 30 odd years ago folks; how things have changed. We’re now well into the throes of a battery renaissance. Batteries are now powering your home, or for that matter thousands of homes, businesses and industry. Soon we’ll take them for granted again. While the development of batteries has advanced significantly of late, the principles remain the same. So how does a battery work? Let Ted explain it.

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