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1. What is 3 Phase Power? Do I have It? And Will it Affect My Solar Plans?

Take a look outside your home and check out the place where the power cables connect to your house. It’s usually up high near your gutters at the front of your house. Many of us will have two cables connecting us to the power lines on the street. Some of our homes, or businesses for that matter, will have 3 cables. If you have 3, you have a 3 phase connection. This could influence your choice of inverter. Get clued in here.


2. Big Renewables Predictions from a Global Fossil Fuel Giant

Iconic oil giant British Petroleum, or BP to us, states that while oil and gas will remain key fuels in the energy mix to 2030, renewables will be the main source of global energy by 2040. BP CEO Bob Dudley states that ‘the transition to renewables is inevitable.” While we can’t really applaud him for stating the obvious, perhaps we can take heart in knowing that the biggest of the great fossil fuel polluters with the highest profile is now openly preparing for a diminishing return from their traditional lifeblood. Get the good oil here.


3. Getting Renewable Power to the People

Australia is witnessing a massive energy shift as grid sized solar and wind energy plants are now being rolled out at breakneck speed. But according to the experts, greater investment is needed to ensure the new green power isn’t halted at the source. In a joint statement issued by more than 40 experts, it was concluded that we need to invest not only in renewables plants, but also energy reform, energy storage and energy transmission, in order to avoid creating energy “bottlenecks.” A coordinated approach? Maybe some leadership and policy?


4. Will the Constitution Save Australians From Paying for Angus and Scomo’s New Coal Power Playground?

The Coalition Feds are fond of gleefully tossing lumps of coal around in parliament while telling us that new coal power generation is essential for grid stability. They also allude to the fact that taxpayers are the likely unfortunates who will have to foot the bill for said stability. While many Aussies are gobsmacked at the notion, it turns out we may be saved by a little backstop we call constitutional law. Amidst a litany of unfathomable coal power justifications, it would appear that Scomo and Angus have no constitutional authority to serve us up such black financial burden. Coalition policy tatters? No coal fun parks?


5. Power to the People

The NSW state election is looming large and both the big players, let’s face it there are only two, are sticking up their respective green thumbs. It would appear that state level politics have recognised the clean energy demands of their voters and are now issuing compelling renewables promises. Clean Energy Council Chief Executive Kane Thornton has gone as far as congratulating them. While it certainly appears a promising development, a golf clap for a “good start” is all that is warranted until actions meet promise. More here.


6. 5000 km from a Tank? Never. But New Battery Technology Might Allow Us to Get 5000 km Before a Recharge

Using hydrogen to power our vehicles has been around for a while now, but it’s clear that it is struggling for relevance in competition with lithium-ion battery vehicles. Hydrogen simply won’t go away however, and it would now appear a new technological breakthrough that combines hydrogen and lithium-ion technologies may achieve astonishing battery longevity. Can you imagine getting 5000 kms of school pick-ups and drop-offs before refuelling/recharging? It’s been imagined already.


7. News from Abroad. It’s Cheaper to Drive Electric in Europe Than it is to Drive Internal Combustion Vehicles

Australia has a growing reputation as a nation seriously dragging the chain with the uptake of electric vehicles. Compounding our EV nerves is the fact that an already reluctant Aussie market is not being encouraged by government policy or incentive either. Perhaps when frugal Aussies come to understand why electricity is genuinely cheaper in Europe, we may agitate for policy and incentive that delivers the same cost benefits here. Who will make the decisive first EV move? The people or our leadership?


8. Solar Space Science Fiction…Or is it Fast Becoming Real?

You may recall some months back in the solar news that we posted a short video about solar power generation in space. Big orbiting solar panels collect unfettered sun rays then beam enormous amounts of energy back to earth…Yes, real spacy science fiction stuff of the distant future. It appears that the Chinese have ideas beyond the fictitious, with Chinese media suggesting their solar/space boffins have their eyes firmly set on this fantastical technology. China Academy of Space Technology vice-president Li Ming said China is expected to become the first country to build a space solar power station with practical value. Hmmm, When?


9. A North Korean Take on Tidal Power

North Korea frequently finds itself struggling under the significantly restrictive weight of relentless economic sanctions. This impacts electricity generation, and North Korea would like more electricity. A lot more. While there is no shortage of coal in North Korea, her nuclear power ambitions are certainly hampered. In order to free the nation and sanction proof electricity generation, Kim Jong-un is looking to renewables, with tidal power looking like a key strategy for the reclusive regime. Seeing the green in the complexity that is North Korea.


10. This Week’s Video. Nuclear Power. An Argument for Solar

Most of us will be aware of the clean energy credentials of nuclear power. But is it clean? One of its great and seemingly impossible problems is that nuclear energy creation generates waste products that remain profoundly, catastrophically deadly for literally tens of thousands of years. So what on earth do we do with this waste? Not in my backyard. (Maybe don’t microwave your popcorn for this movie.)


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