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1. The Future Role of Robots in Delivering Solar Efficiency

One new technology begets another. As a new product goes mainstream a series of related or peripheral products follows in its wake. Commercial solar efficiency is set to be maintained by a new solar panel cleaning robot. Dirty solar panels can underperform by as much as 30%. That’s a huge cut in yield. Given a large commercial array can have hundreds of panels to clean, it's an enormous cleaning task. Not for the bots! Say hello to the panel cleaning robots.


2. Federal Coalition Remains in Energy Policy Mirror Maze Despite Looming Election

US Energy giant and New Zealand’s Meridian Energy have openly condemned federal coalition energy policy. So why should Morrison et. al. worry about criticism from abroad? They should worry for this reason. These mega-corporations are huge energy investors. They are warning that the coalition’s interventionist “big stick” private sector meddling/intimidation approach to energy providers will kill the much-needed investment in energy infrastructure. Listen to the market, at least a little bit.


3. Could Australia Be 100% Renewable By 2032?

Given the current state of energy political turmoils, one might think a 100% renewables Australia by 2032 is drawing a long bow. However, a recent study by Australian National University school of electrical engineering suggests that if current installation rates of wind and solar energy continue at current levels, Australia demonstrates the potential to achieve this enviable milestone. Keep up the pioneering effort Australia.


4. Coal Energy Infrastructure Is Failing. NSW Needs To Get Its Skates On To Secure NSW's Energy Future

The recent exceptional Aussie summer heat has really shown up the misgivings of NSW coal power infrastructure. The overworked, underperforming and now infamous Vales Point power station is leading the charge of NSW energy mediocrity. The pressure is on NSW (a renewable energy targetless state) to deliver coherent policy, and fast, that demonstrates a secure future for the delivery of clean energy to NSW energy consumers. Better get a move on. Please.


5. The Great News About Fossil Fuels in Australia

2018 was a watershed year for fossil fuels. It was the year that fossil fuels demonstrated clearly that they were setting out on an irreversible mass exodus from the Australian electricity grid. Their departure is being well supported by the uptake of renewable energy as renewables took up a 21.3% share across the combination of Australia’s main east and west-coast grids. With gas suffering a fall of 26% on the east coast National Electricity Market, the decline of fossil fuels is set to continue into the next 3 years and beyond. Out with the old, in with the new.


6. There’s Big Employment In Energy Efficiency. Apparently, More Than Coal And Gas

According to a report by Tristan Edis from Green Energy Markets, there is the equivalent of 59,000 full-time positions in delivering energy efficiency. The figure was achieved by estimating how many Australians' time on the job was dedicated in some part to working on energy efficiency. Edis goes further in suggesting his estimate was particularly conservative. He suggests the figure of full-time equivalent jobs generated by energy efficiency programs could be as high as 236,000. Renewables. The big employer.


7. News from Abroad. Japanese Energy Giants Finding Coal Power Doesn’t Stack Up

A 2GW coal-fired power plant poised for construction in a prefecture near Tokyo has been canned. A feasibility study conducted by the three key investor companies found that the project will not yield the returns that were initially determined. The project was deemed not economically feasible and so discontinued. This appears to be part of a growing trend in Japan to look toward renewables as their energy future. Read here for a brief insight into Japan's current energy path.


8. Disingenuous or Downright Fraudulent Studies, Perpetuating Climate Change Denial

This is a very interesting and important article. Despite the overwhelming evidence that human activity is directly contributing to global warming, there are still climate change deniers doing their best to undermine accepted scientific truth. Differing viewpoints and alternative theories should be and are welcomed into the debate. However, when dissenting climate studies are presented as legitimate yet are clearly flawed to the point of being dishonest, we are reminded to be cautious about what we read and hear, and from whom or where we hear it. Careful what you read. Think critically, as agendas abound.


9. Wow, The Arcimoto FUV Looks Like Fun, but…What is It? Is it a Car? A Motorcycle?

The Arcimoto FUV is a “fun utility vehicle.” Technically, it’s a motorcycle, albeit semi-enclosed. It has handlebars, not a steering wheel if that clarifies things at all. Whatever the case, the all-electric Arcimoto FUV looks as though the city commute for two will now become not only comfortable but loads of fun and dirt cheap. At around $11,000 US, the Arcimoto is sure to impress loads of young urban commuters looking to avoid public transport, but not wanting the ever-increasing expense of a conventional vehicle. The future of the commute is looking like fun.


10. This Week’s Video. The Future of Wind Turbines

The following video focuses on a re-think of the wind turbine. While the video doesn’t give too much away, it highlights some of the shortcomings of conventional turbines and the creative solutions. Yet again, creative thinkers are demonstrating that we are merely at the beginning of the renewables revolution. Grab your popcorn…a small pack, the video is pretty short.


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