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1. Adding More Panels to an Existing Array

So you want to add some more panels to your existing array? Many solar citizens took a conservative approach when they installed their first array, perhaps because of budget or space restraints, a modest array was installed at the outset. Maybe your family has grown and therefore your power demands have too. Perhaps you have installed a pool or some other power-hungry devices that have put an increased burden on your current array. Want to upsize? Find out how here.


2. Texas Tea? Black Gold? The Capital of American Fossil Fuels Now Has a 30% Carbon Free Energy Mix Driving the Grid

Texas USA and renewable energy traditionally sit awkwardly in the same sentence. Not any longer. Texans are seeing the wind advantage, and thanks to the wind, the Texas grid is kicking off 2019 with a 30% carbon-free energy mix. Coal still dominates electricity generation in the US oil state, but clearly, Texas is embracing the call to convert to renewable, carbon-free electricity generation. A renewed Texan Grid.


3. NSW Turning to the Sun in Earnest With the 255MW Sunraysia Solar Farm

The NSW Berejiklian coalition has copped plenty of criticism for their sluggish approach in transitioning to renewables. Despite this apparently slow approach, one of the biggest PV projects currently being built in Australia is now under construction near Balranald in New South Wales. Developed by Maoneng, the farm is a key part of AGL’s strategy to replace the aged and controversial Liddell coal-fired generator in the Hunter Valley. NSW Sunraysia solar success.


4. Government Incentives See Aussies Leading Global Home Battery Demand

A recent report has predicted that 70,000 Australian households will install home batteries this year. Low-interest loans, $147 million in state government subsidies, plus a raft of other incentives are encouraging Aussies to store the unused power from their solar arrays. While incentive might be the catalyst, avoiding excessive electricity bills is certainly the primary motivator. Is your array battery ready? The Duracell Bunny can eat his heart out!


5. Federal Coalition Wants More Coal on the Grid

Even the strictest of greenies and renewable advocates understand that coal-fired power plants will continue to play an electricity generation role as we transition to renewables. It beggars belief, however, that the current federal coalition would be pushing for $6 billion expenditure on 2 new coal-fired power plants. Still, the coalition continues to mislead us about the current “fragile” state of our electrical grid, the shortcomings of renewables and the true driver of high electricity prices. More coalition power rhetoric here. It’s a concern.


6. What’s Trending in Australian Renewables? Where Did 2018 Lead Us in Clean Energy?

2018 delivered some remarkable events in Aussie energy and renewables. Most memorably, it cost a serving prime minister his job owing to a bitter coalition in-house, energy policy driven coup d'etat. We also witnessed the remarkable, indeed, phenomenal performance of the world’s biggest battery. What we are witnessing and will continue to witness through 2019 is a major paradigm shift in the way we generate, store and use electricity. A powerful 2018.


7. Japan - From Toxic Fallout to the Cleanest of Renewable Energy

We all remember the disaster that was, and still is, Fukushima. The devastation of the Japanese nuclear power plant meltdown is still to play out, and it may not be easily quantifiable. With the help of the Danish, Japan is looking to increase its offshore wind capacity. Japan hopes to reach 10 GW of wind power electricity generation by 2020. Will their wind ambition see nuclear and its dangers, relegated to the past? Check out the numbers and projections here.


8. The New Zero SR/F Motorcycle. The First of its Kind?

Little has been revealed about the all-new all-electric Zero SR/F Motorcycle. Clearly, sparse information is a marketing ploy to build the excitement and intrigue. And clearly, it’s working. There’s plenty of hype with many E-motorcycle fans very keen to see if it is genuinely a new bike as opposed to just a new model. We will find out when it’s unveiled on the 25th of February this year. With such a competitive E-market, critics are suggesting the Zero SR/F specs will have to be impressive to compete. The SR/F electric street bike.


9. While the Coalition Looks to Coal, Labour is Seeing Hydrogen

Hydrogen burns clean. However, the process of producing hydrogen in commercial quantities is indeed very carbon-heavy and dirty. The preferred method of creating hydrogen is electrolysis, which requires prodigious amounts of electricity. Now that we can generate the electricity via renewables, carbon-free, the Labour government is looking to produce hydrogen for sale to export markets. Bill Shorten is spending $1 billion to make this new revenue opportunity a genuine reality. Feeding Aussie coffers with the proceeds of clean energy.


10. This Week’s Video. The Future of Energy

The following video focuses on a selection of numerous ways in which we can re-imagine energy usage into the future. For those who don’t understand carbon sequestration, there is a great section that explains exactly how it works. Importantly, the video highlights the crucial role of academics in our energy future. Food for thought.

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