1. Solar Will Continue to Innovate and Grow Well Into 2019

When more is more and more is fabulous. As we shine into 2019 there is plenty of solar growth, value, surprise, intrigue and innovation. There is so much going on it’s difficult to know where to begin. All we can say is watch this space here at Instyle Solar. We’ll keep you abreast of everything you need to know that is solar and renewable. Here is a little list of what to expect in 2019. The tip of the iceberg.


2. South Australia Has its Second Big Battery and It’s Live, Charged and Ready for Action

The $30 million South Aus. Dalrymple North big battery is designed to help ease constraints on networks, providing power to electricity consumers in case of blackouts and other such power interruptions. The new battery can provide backup power to 4500 local Dalrymple customers for 2-3 hours while whatever power issue is identified and fixed. Batteries charged and ready.


3. More Coal Power Will Not Protect Us from Blackouts Caused by Hot Weather

Why do summer blackouts actually happen? For concise and accurate answers, the worst thing you could do is look for the answer from a politician, particularly a federal coalition politician. They will tell you anything but the truth, as it does not suit their energy agenda. There are reasons for blackouts, and you will be surprised to learn the quantity of available power has just about nothing to do with it. More about blackouts here.


4. Beware the Energy Provider Comparison Sites

Comparison sites are everywhere. Flights, accommodation, health care, home loans and yes, energy retailers. New energy retail sector regulations have exposed some very shady relationships between energy retailers and comparison sites. It was found that offers available through the comparison sites were 5%-12% higher than offers the retailers made directly, with one example of a product that was 34% more expensive. We’re being price gouged. Do your homework. Learn more here.


5. Solar News from Abroad. The US Heading for an Unprecedented Solar Boom

While Trump talks coal, the energy market is solar-focused. As of the end of 2018, US developers have applied to build 139 GW worth of large-scale solar projects. Relative to the current 34GW functional at end of 2018, they’re big numbers in anyone’s language. Will the 139GW actually be realised? Is this number a true reflection of what United States citizens can look forward to over the coming years? Actual vs. nominal, fantasy and reality.


6. Wind and Solar is Officially Cheaper than Coal - the Figures are Irrefutable

Perhaps it’s well past time for Scomo and his minister for cheaper electricity to fall on their swords. An Australian benchmark study shows the cost of new wind and solar is “unequivocally” lower than the cost of new coal generation. It is very important that Australian electricity consumers read this article and seek out the report. It is patently clear that the coalition government is deliberately misleading Australians about the price of electricity in Australia. The numbers don’t lie.


7. Coal Plant Trips in the Recent Aussie Heat. Dear Mr Morrison, Does Coal Provide the Reliability You are Espousing?

QLD’s Kogan Creek Power Station has had its first breakdown for 2019. This adds to the 6 it had last year. At just 13 years old, Kogan Creek is Australia’s newest coal-fired power station. Despite this, the Morrison coalition is telling us we need more coal power stations to ensure grid stability and reliability. When will the old guard recognise that baseload power is going the way (if not already gone) of the horse and cart? It is accepted and understood that fossil fuels, including existing coal-fired stations, are integral to our renewable transition, but do we need to build more under a misconception of reliability and cost efficacy? The future is now Mr Morrison.


8. Solar Cell Efficiency Improving in Leaps and Bounds

As a rule of thumb, today's solar cells/panels are credited as delivering about 15% conversion efficiency on average, or a little higher these days. The science does not sit still, however, with increased efficiency a driving motivator in solar technology development. LONGi Solar has just achieved a conversion efficiency of 24.06%. While it doesn’t sound like much, this breakthrough really is a big deal. It should be remembered however, this is only the end of the beginning. With the billions currently being funnelled into solar R&D globally, we can expect even greater breakthroughs in the near future. Sun shining for the seriously super solar.


9. The All Electric F-Series Ford Pickup (or Ute in the Local Vernacular)

If a vehicle review was determined by looks alone, the new all-electric Ford F-Series Pickup would be winning awards. It looks fabulous. However, one can’t help but wonder about the performance specs of these muscle-bound EV’s. Are they suited to off-road touring? Can we recharge in the middle of the Great Sandy Desert? How do the electrical components handle frequent water crossings? And how well can we administer trackside maintenance in case of a breakdown? Looking superb, but off-road ready? Really?


10. This Week’s Video. DIY Bio Power

This is a video for the handyman and would-be self-sufficient. Digestion delivers a wonderful resource. The following video shows you how you can build a ‘cow’ in your backyard or under the house from simple materials, and create power for cooking and heating etc, with the bio waste you and your family create. High tech/low tech perfect renewable power.

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