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1. Aussie Academics Getting the Best out of the Sun

We all need to remember that solar as a mainstream energy source, is relatively new. Research and development continues. Given the burgeoning commercial future of solar, there is greater incentive for solar research. The ANU is contributing to this research, discovering methods of increasing solar cell efficiencies. Go Aussie science!


2. Coalition Energy Policy. A Visionless Vision. No More Renewables Before 2030

As we might expect, coalition energy policy is void of investment into large-scale renewables projects and emissions reductions until 2030. Given the current energy ’climate’ and public climate change sentiment, it is patently clear the coalition Feds are out of touch. Will their old-school approach to energy, which is the antithesis of trend, spell their demise in the next election. Stubborn? Belligerent? Out of touch? Or D…A,B and C?


3. Fast Fuel. Will Charging Our Electric Cars Become Faster Than Filling the Tank?

Porsche have reached a huge millstone achieving a vehicle charge in 3 minutes using a 450 kW electric car charger. We know very little about the car that was charged, only that it is a prototype. However, such a charge speed is indicative of what we will enjoy in the not too distant future. For many of us, 3 minutes at the charger is much faster than filling a voluminous SUV tank with diesel. Electric speed.


4. Charging Your EV with Diesel? Really?

While using a diesel-fed generator to charge your electric vehicle may sound counterintuitive, it’s looking like a good option for traversing the Nullarbor in an electric vehicle. Apart from a dodgy old power point in a remote servo in the desert, EV charging options are extremely limited (aka non-existent) in the Aussie outback. Diesel generators may well provide a solution for EV transcontinental road trips. Turns out, it may well be greener than it sounds. Clever solutions for the EV transition.


5. Smarter Solar Farms Overcoming Grid Integration Problems

Solar farms are a new technology. This new technology must integrate with current (old) technology, i.e., the grid. The grid was designed to distribute baseload power, not the variable power of solar. Learn how new approaches using technologies such as battery storage, are being employed to counter the issues associated with the marriage of new to old. We shall overcome.


6. Will the 1.5 Degree Global Temperature Target Bury Fossil Fuels Forever?

You may have seen advertising, promotion, articles and propaganda from the big oil and gas companies about remaining relevant in a renewables future. Regardless of their efforts, will a 1.5-degree cap on global warming see an end, not just to the dominance of the global oil and gas giants, but to their very existence? When our cars, homes, businesses and industry are all powered by renewables, what demand will there be for fossil fuel products? Plenty to sell yet no one to buy means no business.


7. “Keep the Bastards Honest.” Is Iconic Aussie Democrat Don Chip’s Famous Maxim About to Enjoy a Comeback Under the Climate Democrats party?

In Australia, the birth of a new political party comes about based on a long unaddressed issue that has been fumbled, ignored or simple ballsed-up by our federal adversarial duopoly. The Democrats arrived on the scene back in 1977 owing to widespread discontent with the big political parties. Now, the Climate Democrats party is here, based on the debauched handling of Australian Energy policy. Perhaps the new party is not so much about keeping the bastards honest, but more about making the regressive incumbent see common sense. Educate the bastards.


8. Coping with the Shade. Technological Solar Solutions

Solar panels and shade is a bad news combination yet an inevitable problem many of us will face when we install our solar system. Shading is at its most challenging when installing panels where space is limited. But we needn’t be put off by shade problems. Technology exists to help up overcome the limitations of unavoidable shading. Learn about it here.


9. Well…It Looks Like a Skateboard…But…

The Evolve Bamboo GTX all-terrain electric longboard is, for all intent and purpose, a skateboard. The GTX, however, is a totally new way to carve up the tarmac. Firstly, you’re not limited to the tarmac. This little number is all-terrain and chock-a-block full of power, convenience, practicality and limitless fun. It’s not quite the hoverboard Marty McFly road in Back to the Future, but it’s getting pretty close. Oh, just so you know, the price tag is not for the faint-hearted and should probably be contained in a sealed section. Skate Electric, all the millennials are doing it!


10. This Week’s Video. Carbon Cruising. The Carbon Footprint of the Internet

We don’t think much about sending an email, but every email you send has a carbon cost and you might be surprised to hear just how big that price is. The following video is an important reminder of how the internet, which we now take for granted, is a major source of carbon emissions. Destructive data.

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