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1. Australian Rooftops Becoming a Renewable Powerhouse

2023 could see Australian rooftops supplying 15% of the grid with green, renewable power. With rooftop solar having now pushed through 2 million homes, the new, decentralised power grid is fast becoming a reality. It seems the old centralised electricity paradigm is fast becoming a relic of yesteryear. It will carry on kicking and screaming for a while, but the end is nigh. Out with the old, in with the new.


2. Solar Homes State by State. Who Has the Most?

As mentioned in article 1 above, rooftop solar is now powering over 2 million homes and businesses. 20% of Australian homes now have their own source of renewable power. Interestingly, not all states and territories have the same representation in the rooftop solar market. Which states are leading the solar charge? Which states have taken the advantage of the rebates and are now supplying themselves and the grid with green, renewable power? Solar state race.


3. Scotland Harnessing the Wind So Well They’re Outstripping Demand

Perhaps now would be an ideal time for Angus and Scomo to take a trip to Scotland for a wind power education. November saw Scotland hit a new wind-generated power output record. While that doesn’t mean all Scotland’s power was supplied via wind power, the milestone indicates that the inexhaustible resource is close to relegating traditional reliance on fossil fuels. Scotland, as green as their famous moors.


4. African Desert Power. A Solar Savanna? Solar in the Sands?

In a collaboration between African Development Bank, the Green Climate Fund, and the Africa50 investment fund, Africa will develop 10 GW worth of solar in a region located between the Sahara Desert to the north and the Sudanian Savanna to the south. The project is scheduled to supply 250 million Africans with electricity, many of whom will be receiving electricity for the first time. The ever-giving desert sun.


5. Beating the High Cost of Holiday Fuel

The big petrochemical giants have us all on a leash. We need our cars, particularly come the holiday period. We are all acutely aware of the price gouging and suffer regularly from the sudden hikes. There is certainly a way to get even. It will, of course, require you to purchase an electric vehicle, which might not be in your present budget. However, for those who are in the market for a new vehicle, the switch to electric is a fine way to give big oil the bird, as they have been doing to you for decades now. Don’t get mad get even, and drive off silently into the sunset.


6. Elon Welcomes GM Competition to the EV Market

General Motors have been engaged in some serious consolidation in preparation for entering the EV market. Elon is interested in purchasing the factories that GM will leave behind, for reasons that are not so clear, currently. However, Elon was very candid about his belief in open competition and making technology patents available to competitors without cost. It would appear his motivation is based on the incentive of competition. Read more here.


7. Understanding Solar Battery Warranties

Many a solar customer has spent plenty of time getting their heads around their solar panel warranties. The wise did their research before they purchased, yet many didn’t understand their rights, or lack thereof until there was a problem with their array. Solar batteries also have complex warranties that should be understood BEFORE you choose a brand and installer. The right warranty can save you a world of hurt. Check them out here.


8. Cutthroat Solar Market Frightens Off the Competition

American manufacturing giant Flex is to depart from the Australian Solar products wholesale and retail market. Despite outstanding sales, Flex, a $30 billion US company, has cited a cutthroat solar market where diminishing margins impact profit. Energy Matters, the brand as we know it locally, appears to have been unable to keep up with their rapid expansion. The departure of a major solar player.


9. A Solar Vehicle with Changeable Bodies…and It’s Australian

There are very few genuine solar vehicles, that is, vehicles powered by nothing but the sun. The only ones we are likely to see are those the solar drive challenges. Apart from in Germany, your chances of coming across a solar vehicle outside on the roads are next to nothing. Take a look at an Aussie contender that we may see on our daily commute in the not too distant future. Details are sketchy, seems it’s all very hush hush. Secret solar.


10. This Week’s Video. Solar Vehicles

While we are very familiar with electric cars, some of which are now adopting solar panels, few of us a familiar with a sun-only charge, solar vehicle. This week’s video takes a look at the technology close up. Looks like the solar school drop off is a few years away yet. Driving off into the sunset? Hmmm, could be a problem.

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