1. 2019 Australian Solar and Battery Storage Rebates, Federal and State by State

As 2018 marches swiftly toward curtain call, many Aussie solar and home battery wannabees are telling themselves, 2019 is our solar year; in 2019, our house goes solar with a battery to boot. Let’s take a look at the value and availability of government solar and battery rebates across Australia. It would appear rebate incentive is strong and 2019 will be a good year to take advantage. Super solar savings via rebates.


2. Resource Giant Shell to Link Carbon Emission Performance to Executive Wages

Shell has set a target to reduce its net carbon footprint by around 50 per cent by 2050. Incremental, short-term targets have been set to ensure Shell remains on track and fighting the good carbon fight. As a means of incentivising carbon reduction, or as an insurance policy, Shell intends to link carbon reduction performance to executive remuneration. Will the CEO ride a bike to the office?


3. Through the Liddell Saga, We See the True Ugliness of Coalition Energy Policy, Private Sector Meddling and Standover Tactics.

The Coalition’s Liddell obsession is revealing that democracy and a free market are only relevant to them if it is in line with current Coalition agendas. An AGL closure of Liddell doesn’t suit the Federal incumbent, it makes it just that little bit harder for Morrison et al to manipulate energy prices via a coal resuscitation. Easy fixed, says Josh Frydenberg. We’ll legislate so that AGL can’t sell it. We’ll change the rules of asset ownership, just because we can. Scomo and Josh use coal soot tactics.


4. Coalition Wins Right to Fund Its Coal Powered Dreams

Despite the efforts of the Greens and Labour to put a stop to the Coalition coal insanity, the Greens bill to prevent the Coalition from being any way involved in propping up coal power stations was narrowly defeated. The only ray of hope left is that there is no company in their right mind interested in building a new plant. Unfortunately, keeping the decrepit, antiquated plants like Vales Point and Liddell open beyond their use by date is a real possibility. Make it stop.


5. Exporting the Australian Sun Underwater

Australia is more than blessed with ample wind and sun. We are so abundant with these resources it’s nearly embarrassing that we aren’t utilising them nearly as effectively as we could/should. Given we are yet to fully realise the potential of the wind and sun in our own domestic energy markets, are our politicians stretching their imaginations too far to suggest we could export clean energy to offshore markets via underwater cable? Green submarine power exports.


6. Car Parks are the Power Plants of the Not Too Distant Future

Imagine an inner-city car park, say an office block or shopping centre during the working week, stacked full of 1000 electric vehicles or more. These car parks could provide more power to the grid than the hugely successful Tesla big battery in South Australia, says Professor Graham Town of Macquarie University’s School of Engineering. He points out that the amount of shared power could be the equivalent of a microgrid. Car park power.


7. Rooftop PV Passing the Two Million-Mark Here in Australia

Such is the rise and rise of Australian rooftop solar we have now passed the 2 million mark in residential solar. There are now over 2 million Australian households with solar arrays on their roofs. Interestingly, the top five solar postcodes in Queensland and WA reside in Liberal or Liberal-National Party held electorates. One might wonder if that might prompt the Morrison government into rethinking present energy agendas. 2 million solar voters.


8. Why is Electricity Expensive? Turns Out Coal and Gas are to Blame

On Capital Hill, energy price causal data, truth and the public domain rarely cross paths, if at all. New analysis from Bloomberg NEF shows that the rising cost of coal power generation in Australia is the primary cause of the recent doubling of power prices on the National Electricity Market (NEM). Now there’s a turn-up! Weren’t the feds telling us that renewables were responsible for the high electricity prices? Too much wind on the hill, not enough on the grid.


9. It’s a Ute - but Would You Put it to Work on the Farm?

The Rivian’s R1T all-electric pickup truck is a smart looking beast, but it doesn’t really say, “drive me out into the dust and work me hard.” It’s not a Patrol, or a Cruiser and nothing like a classic Land Rover. The specs are pretty impressive, but how would it go crossing a creek out on the land during the northern monsoon? Is it just all show? You be the judge.


10. This Week’s Video. Painting Power

The following video is a little teaser. RMIT researchers have developed solar paint that can absorb water vapour and split it to generate hydrogen - the cleanest source of energy. Fun gadget? Novel experiment? Or a genuine revolutionary power source? Watch here.

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