Audi e-tron GT Concept Birdview

1. Hydrogen. The Next Big Aussie Export

As coal, LNG and nuclear power become yesterday's energy, hydrogen is set to play a significant role in powering global industry. Given current advances in technology, Australia is poised to capitalise on a growing demand for hydrogen. The reality of affordable and clean, bulk hydrogen production in Australia is just around the corner, and we can sell it to the world. Exporting the Aussie sun in H2.


2. The Pre-Election Energy Slinging Match Begins. Coalition Predictable and Out of Touch

Federal Labour has announced their energy policy and the government responded in a predictable fashion. Angus Taylor is labelling the proposed Labour home battery subsidies as “pink batt-eries”, referring to the disastrous Labour insulation scheme under Kevin Rudd. Given the indisputable success of the South Aus. big battery which the Coalition rubbished, Taylor and his colleagues are confirming just how out of touch they are with rise of renewables. Federal government digging its own grave.


3. Victorian Labour Wins Election with Far Reaching Clean Energy Policy

The Victorian Labour government has won a huge victory in the recent election. Labour’s energy policy of supporting and expediting the clean energy transition is touted as a primary driver of the stunning win. Will the Federal coalition take notice? Or are their heads still firmly buried in the coal dust? Surely, they must recognise that the Australian people are serious about leaving coal to the past and achieving energy affordability via contemporary, clean methods. Warning bells ringing for the federal coalition but they seem hard of hearing.


4. Our Energy Grid is Too Slow to Adapt to the Pace of Solar Plant Installations

In troubling news for the solar industry, large-scale solar developments are being severely compromised by the slow pace at which they are granted grid access. It would seem the growing volume and pace of solar development, while favourable and desired, is at odds with stringent (and fluid) grid connection guidelines. It would seem this is the perfect opportunity for leadership to step in and jimmy the locks with ‘gentle persuasion’. Where are the feds? Staring at chunks of coal.


5. From Abroad. France to Phase Out Coal and Nuclear in Favour of Wind and Solar

It would appear the French are now joining the growing Euro trend to exit coal and scale down nuclear. France plans to boost its solar capacity fivefold from 8.5GW to 45GW, and to treble its wind capacity. With a nuclear power site already under construction facing big delays and cost overruns, France is accepting the renewables reality, dedicating €5 billion annually to the development of renewable energy. The French are turning green.


6. Climate Change and the Role of Solar in Carbon Emissions Mitigation

Human-induced climate change is a reality. Despite the existence of very vocal groups from across the world that deny humans have any role in heating the planet, the truth is an immutable fact. What is the role of solar in fighting the rising temperature? Can solar save the day? Or will a renewables team effort be required, and quickly, to arrest the alarming rate at which our atmosphere is heating up? Solar to the rescue.


7. Audi’s e-tron Gran Turismo is Electric All Over

Making a huge splash at the LA auto show, the stunning, head-turning electric Audi has impressed all. With drop dead gorgeous lines, cosmetics are matched with compelling performance credentials. While lacking in some key features relative to longer established EV competitors, the Gran Turismo is no doubt set to find a receptive market. Check it out here.


8. Australia Letting the Side Down on Climate Change Mitigation

An Emissions Gap Report from the UN Environment Programme (UNEP), has sited Australia’s poor performance in implementing measures to combat global warming. Australia is not alone however, as the world’s G20 countries are not on track to meet Paris targets. The report highlights Australia’s lack of improvement since 2017 and goes further to suggest that emission targets will not be met by 2030. Targets unlikely under current federal leadership.


9. The Top 6 Electric Vehicles (EV’s).

Introduce yourself to the top six pure electric cars as judged at 2018 Guangzhou Auto Show. Honda, MG and Audi are names we will all recognise, but there are new kids on the block emanating from China that are all part of the Chinese plan see 3 million EVs driven off the production line each year. Check them out and you be the judge.


10. This Week’s Video. Hydrogen.

As you have now read the article under item one about hydrogen, it’s time to put some visuals to the story. The following video offers a great introduction to the use of hydrogen as an energy source, indicating its benefits and the problems associated with bringing it to market. Hydrogen, fuelling the future.

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