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1. Labour’s Renewables and Climate Policy Set to Combat Morrison’s Coal Obsession

Traditionally, oppositions oppose. Bill Shorten, the current Federal opposition leader, is set to continue this trend by heading in the opposite energy direction to our incumbent national leader, Scott Morrison. If polls are anything to go by, there is a very good chance Morrison’s fossil fuel future will be particularly short-lived. This is a positive development for those Aussies concerned about regressive energy policy. Better news.


2. Even without Subsidy, Wind and Solar are Outperforming Coal as a Bulk Energy Supplier

Surely, the doubters will have to change their tune. Those proclaiming that wind and solar are too expensive relative to baseload coal, are doing so in contrast to fact. A recent analysis by leading energy analyst Bloomberg NEF, suggests all major economies except Japan show that unsubsidised solar and wind are the cheapest form of bulk electricity generation. Cleaner and cheaper already.


3. Labour Promises $300 Million for Battery Electricity Storage

In a move that will see the lithium industry and clean energy advocates jumping for joy, Bill Shorten has gone battery happy. The Federal opposition has flagged a household battery rebate plan and a community battery plan, aiming for a new national target of one million household battery installations by 2025. The SA Tesla battery success has meant far more to renewables than supporting a local grid. Battery Bonanza.


4. Belgian High-Tech Power Pods to Support the Aussie Outback

Farms in North-West Queensland can look forward to more reliable and cleaner power supply thanks to a joint State and Local Government initiative. Combining solar, battery storage and a generator, the “Pod” is a trial initiative that will hopefully grow to deliver remote Aussie farms cheaper, more consistent and reliable energy generation that is also climate friendly. Remote power.


5. Labour’s $15 Billion Renewables Injection

Federal Labour is now clearly wearing its renewables intentions on their flags. In a radical contrast from the Morrison Government, Shorten is set to encourage votes by delivering a massive push to expedite a new renewables energy model for Australians. It is difficult to see how Morrison will combat this progressive energy policy. Will we see a change of heart from the federal coalition? Big clean labour promises.


6. Give and Take. Will Electric Cars Give as Much Back to the Grid as They Take?

Modern electric vehicles will not only take electricity, they will also discharge electricity. The near future will see a huge number of potential mobile power stations able to feed the grid when parked in their garages. With forecasts that by 2040 about 40 percent of the vehicle market could be electric, that’s a tremendous amount of renewable power feeding the grid. Vehicles that give more than they take.


7. Nissan Wins Award for Vehicle to Grid Technology

The Nissan Leaf EV has won a coveted motor award for green innovation. Further to the story in item 6, this Nissan has the technology that will allow batteries to discharge into the grid. One of the great applications is that your vehicle will be able to provide power to your home when it’s parked in the shed. This is a radical move away from the toxic footprint that has been the ugly side of cars since their invention. Award-winning car power.


8. Miners Looking Ahead to a Renewable Future

Big mining is one industry that is heavily weighted down by massive operational costs. Iron ore miner Fortescue will look to developing hydrogen technology in a long-term plan to integrate renewables with lower costs. The mining company will work with the CSIRO to develop hydrogen technologies that can be used to reduce costs and also generate income. Miners securing their renewable future.


9. Electric Mountain Bike Delivers Performance at an Accessible Price

It looks great and it performs even better. The Ancheer folding electric mountain bike has surprised critics. At a price point of $660 US, many folding electric bikes are not worth the coin. The Ancheer appears to buck this trend and offers genuine looks, performance, durability and value at a genuinely accessible price. A mountain of value for less.


10. This Week’s Video. Solar Panels in Space. Our Solar Future?

Collecting solar power in space is far more efficient than collecting it here on Earth. However, building the infrastructure in space is cost prohibitive. Will technologies progress to make this form of energy collection and distribution a reality? Watch here.



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