All Electric 1960’s Mustang

1. Federal Coalition Energy Approach More Confused than Ever.

Angus Taylor is clearly stuck in baseload antiquity. For him and his coalition coal companions, wind is still evil, the snowy pumped hydro option seems little more than family nostalgia and is without a business case, and the current pace of transition to renewables is “too fast.” Interestingly, Taylor likes to claim that no other country has done more to reduce carbon emissions, (a profoundly ridiculous statement; at best a lie, more frighteningly, delusional). Meanwhile, just about every energy stakeholder is becoming increasingly annoyed at federal incomprehensible energy dithering. When will this energy madness flame out?


2. ‘People Power’ Seen in a Whole New Light as Energy Leadership Fails Australians

As the old saying goes; if the hired help can’t do the job properly, do it yourself. With a total lack of energy leadership and vision coming from the federal coalition government, communities are taking on the task of energy transition and climate management themselves. Learn about the steps communities are taking independently to secure modern, renewable energy systems, while the elected federal officials remain buried in coal dust. Power to the people.


3. NSW Coalition Seeking State Electricity Grid Security from Solar Equipped Citizens.

In a plan that is far more aligned with the future of electricity generation and distribution than the current model, the NSW government is looking to its solar citizens to bolster the grid. Incentives will be provided for up to 40,000 households and businesses to feed their excess solar and stored electricity back into the grid. Essentially a virtual power plant, this dispatchable, flexible electricity option is a taste of the future of electricity. The future of electricity.


4. From Abroad. Spain Getting Very Serious About a Speedy Transition Away from Dirty Energy.

On Tuesday 13th, the 5 month New Spanish Government released a draft paper on their energy plans. The paper indicates significant acceleration toward renewable energy targets, with a goal of 100% renewables by 2050. Nothing fossil fuel is safe, with proposed bans on petrol vehicles, fracking and fossil fuel subsidies. Will Spain have the fortitude to deliver such significant change in the proposed timeframes? Learn more here.


5. Newcastle Australia, The World's Biggest Coal Port, Is Seeing the Solar Advantage.

Newcastle City Council is set to invest in a new solar plant that will “…produce enough energy to run the equivalent of all of our council facilities during the day…” The savings on the power bills make the investment a no-brainer. Further to this, the council will also deliver a significant reduction of its carbon footprint. In a win for creative land management, the array will be constructed on a former coal mine site, that was later repurposed as a landfill. The march to solar is fast becoming a solar sprint.


6. Australia Must Take Advantage of the Economic Cash Cow that is Renewable Energy.

Australia is baked in glorious sun all year round. We have 35000 km of magnificent windy coastline. We are indeed well placed to be a global renewables leader. While the benefits to the planet are without question, the potential economic benefits of new energy to Australia is profound. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to get in on the ground floor. Leadership needed.


7. Common Misconceptions About Solar Panels.

Given the proliferation of rooftop solar and the relative youth of the technology, one can assume that a level of negative myth and misconception is still informing consumers and potential customers. Let’s clear up 5 of these myths. It would be a shame to reject the advantages of rooftop solar based on information that is simply untrue. Informed decisions.


8. An All-Electric, All Wheel Drive, 60’s Mustang. But is it a Mustang?

One look and the classic 60’s Mustang lines and the vision are unmistakable. It’s a Mustang, straight out of its iconic heyday. Interestingly, Ford doesn’t make it, and the iconic Mustang logo is also absent. Most notably, the glorious V8 sound is also a thing of the past. 0 to 100 km/h acceleration can be achieved in just 3.09 seconds; it’s certainly very fast. But can it be called a Mustang or is it simply an electro-artistic retrospective? You decide.



9. This Week’s Video. The Future of Transportation.

Transportation and energy supply are inextricably linked. As global energy generation and distribution transitions, what sort of transportation modes can we look forward to in the future? Another critical feature inextricably linked to transport is imagination, new energy allows us to imagine new possibilities. Imagine the future here.


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