Hyundai Motor Group Reveals Solar Charging Technology

1. The NSW Emerging Energy Program. What’s It All About?

The NSW Berejiklian Coalition has just launched a new energy program. While this is a pretty big step for the Liberal/Nationals and arguably well out of character, critics have suggested the investment is a little too modest. The numbers indicate the program is underwhelming relative to need and relative to the investments other states are making in the transition to renewables. Better late than never? Better something rather than nothing?


2. Too Much Rooftop Solar? Chaos on the Grid? There’s Certainly Too Much Rooftop Solar on the Grid if You Own a Coal-Fired Power Station

People have a right to be furious when information that is required for informed decision-making is so inaccurate and so misleading it’s more or less the antithesis of reality. Yet again, the gremlins are telling us there is too much solar on the grid. The truth is, there is no such thing. Agreed, the current mix of technologies creates challenges for the grid, however, those that are really challenged are the coal-fired power generators. What’s that you say, loss of revenue?


3. The End of Baseload Power Distribution is Nigh

For those of you who did not see our article on defining baseload and dispatchable power, check it out here. It’s key electricity debate terminology. Baseload power is the traditional form of power generation and distribution across the globe. It’s predominantly coal and nuclear, and on the way out. The growing uptake of renewable, dispatchable power generation heralds the death knell of an antiquated electrical paradigm. Obituary here.


4. Some of Our Politicians Have Not Been Telling You the Truth. Renewables Will Stop Our Electricity Bills Rising, Not the Reverse. The Evidence is Showing

The influence of solar on Queensland’s grid is really starting to make its presence felt. The Queensland sun, in concert with a burgeoning number of solar arrays, is driving Queensland’s daytime electricity prices down. Interestingly, this outcome is pushing Queensland toward an inevitable development. It’s time for some Queensland big batteries to capitalise on all of the sun-driven power. The sun shines in Queensland.


5. From Abroad. Spain Scraps Regressive Solar Tax

The Spanish solar industry has suffered under the previous government as taxes punished the growth of the clean energy source. Teresa Ribera, Spanish Socialist Workers’ Party minister for ecological transition, will remove the tax on solar, a move that will almost certainly see coal take a massive hit. Check out what’s happening with coal power generation in Spain. Notice any similarities with Australia?


6. Solar Helps Remote WA Nickel Mine Slash Operating Costs

You might think that nickel mining, solar and diesel power generation make particularly awkward bedfellows. You’d be wrong. The Nova nickel operation, in collaboration with remote power generation specialist Zenith Energy, will see the isolated mine slash diesel consumption by 3 million litres. This has a significant positive impact on the mine’s operational costs and its environmental credentials. Opposing magnets attracting in the west.


7. Victorian Dairy Farm Takes a Scientific Approach to Operational Efficiencies. Their 61.38kW Ground Mounted Solar System is Powering the Way to Further Innovations

Solar power is inspirational, particularly to The Macalister Demonstration Farm, in Riverslea, Victoria. Changing to solar power has not only created the standard operational savings afforded by less reliance on the grid but has made possible a host of new, cost-saving operational procedures, otherwise unthinkable with total grid reliance. Milking the sun.


8. Nightrider. David Hasselhoff Eat Your Heart Out. The Real Kit is on the Way

If you grew up in the 80’s you know all about Kit. Kit was a talking, crime-fighting Trans Am (American sports car). When separated, Hasselhoff would talk into his watch and Kit the car would come to the rescue. Now, with some technological improvements, Tesla owners will be able to remotely control their car through their phones “like RC cars”. Back to the future.


9. Solar Cars. What the Consumer Wants the Consumer Gets

Even though solar panels on an electric car can offer little in the way of charge, consumers still want them. Hyundai and Kia will release new solar roof vehicles next year. The technology will add some charge to the battery and range as well. One can expect this technology will certainly improve as solar conversion improves. Expect too, that this generation method will work in concert with other proposed methods, adding significant self-charging capabilities. Charge it up here.


10. This Week’s Video. Looking Into the Future of Electricity

For those that like to tackle the newest of innovation, the newest energy science and peer into our future, this video is for you. Nanotechnology, already a commercial reality, has such a long way to go. Have a look at where the boffins are tackling Nanotechnology in the field of energy. Switch on here.

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