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1. The Coalition’s Long-Held Seat of Wentworth Falls Spectacularly to an Independent Yet the Coalition Stands by Their Regressive Energy and Climate Policies

Independent candidate Kerryn Phelps has taken the seat of Wentworth, a stalwart coalition seat held by former prime minister Malcolm Turnbull. Phelps campaigned strongly on energy and climate issues and the electorate spoke in favour. This is a clear message to the Morrison government, but it would appear they have forgotten that holding seats is what constitutes governing. Now it’s getting ridiculous.


2. What is the Difference Between Baseload and Dispatchable Electricity? And Does it Matter to You?

Getting your head around the terminology used in the electricity debate is a pretty tall order. No doubt you have heard the terms baseload and dispatchable used frequently by our politicians. What do they mean? And are they critical terms you should know about to be able to understand what is happening with the current electricity showdown? Yes. They are. Get the definitions here.


3. The SA-Best Party is Scared of Wind Farms (Still) and Wants a Ban on Further Developments Siting the Need for Health Impact Studies

Granted, not everybody is a fan of wind power. Those living near wind farms and those that dislike the visual interruption of Australia’s scenic vistas have a right to speak up. But given that all studies done so far have struggled to find any link between wind farms and health concerns, isn’t it time to stop these anti-wind scare tactics? Try living next to an open cut coal mine…


4. Big Business is Turning to Solar for Economic Advantage

While the Morrison Government continues to rubbish renewables, the heavyweights of big business are turning to solar to enhance their bottom line. Coca-Cola Amatil is the latest mega brand to install solar, not only as a significant cost-cutting measure but also to reduce their carbon footprint. With the big money getting behind solar, the doubters are looking more and more out of touch. Show me the money.


5. Victorians Now Have Their Very Own Big Battery

The Ballarat Energy Storage System is the first big battery to be installed in Victoria. There’s another big battery to be placed at the Gannawarra solar farm. Given the success of the Tesla battery in South Australia, there are very high expectations for the Victorian installations. The 70 million dollar project is part of the broader plan to modernise and strengthen the Victorian electricity grid. Charge your big batteries here.


6. Solar Rebate to Stay Says Angus Taylor

Given the antics of the present federal government, it would be less than surprising if a bill was presented to criminalise the sun and the wind. In what might be described as a little bit LEFT of field, Angus Taylor assures us that the solar panel rebates will remain unchanged. While the Morrison government seems way out of touch with the future of electricity, it would seem they’re not so crazy as to remove a subsidy so many Australians are embracing. Subsidies safe for now.


7. Global Warming Recognised as a Genuine Existential Threat

With the current federal coalition in complete denial about global warming, the question is posed: What should a federal Labour government do in response to the profoundly dire warnings presented by the recent IPCC report into global warming? Morrison et al dismissed it entirely. Even ridiculed it. Given the opportunity, how would the grownups respond? Scary news. Go solar now, it’s an emergency. Like really.


8. How and When to Clean Your Solar Panels

Dirty solar panels work less efficiently. Failing to clean and maintain your array will result in less power generation which is likely to impact the bottom line of your household budget. Further to this, if a little obvious, well maintained solar panels are far more likely to enjoy a longer working life. Protecting your solar investment, and extracting optimum performance requires a little solar array TLC. It’s easier than you think.


9. Scooting in Comfort With the Zoom Stryder

There is no shortage of electric scooters on the market. They have enjoyed popularity for quite some time already and the scoot affair is showing no signs of cooling. Scooter riders will be more than familiar with the ‘hard ride’ delivered by many a scooter model. The Zoom Stryder addresses this jarring issue with a full suspension model. Check out the Zoom Stryder for some serious scooting comfort.


10. This Week’s Video is Also our News from Abroad. Energy Efficient Home Designs of the Future From the USA.

Our relationship with the energy that drives our civilisation is changing rapidly. Rethinking power means rethinking the way we live. In this video from the United States, see how American architecture is adapting to the carbon neutral imperative, and creating a new way of living. Popcorn.


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