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1. Who Powers Big Energy? Their Shareholders Actually

At the Origin Energy annual general meeting, 46% of Origin shareholders voted that management has to reveal its relationships with lobby groups that obstruct action on climate change. Of course, the board did not support the shareholder proposal. While Origin appears the most committed to the renewable transformation of energy providers, lack of board support for the proposal suggests black blood still pumps the Origin heart. Surprising developments here.


2. “You Could Power the Whole World from Your Desert…” Says US Academic Jeffrey Sachs

Despite our relative international isolation, the Federal Coalition’s climate change policy (lack of) and antics have not gone unnoticed. US economics professor Jeffrey Sachs, appearing recently on ABC Q&A program, was less than complimentary about Morrison et al, describing the failure to act responsibly on global warming as a “breakdown in the democratic process.” His comments were certainly not limited to Australia’s performance, citing the Trump administration as equally contemptible on global warming matters. Read about it here.


3. Prime Minister Scott Morrison Continues to Mislead Australians About Energy

Iconic Australian shock jock Allan Jones just loves giving Scott Morrison a soapbox from which to preach pro-coal propaganda. Given Jones’s audience demographic, he’s no doubt preaching to the converted. However, Morrison’s conceited tone and contempt for the truth about energy may be too much even for the loyal Jones followers. Yes. That’s how bad the rhetoric is. Read it and weep.


4. Big Batteries are Fast, Smart, Cheap and Reliable. They’re Changing the Way Big Mining is Thinking About Powering Their Operations

While Scott Morrison belittles the very successful Tesla big battery in South Australia, those that actually know about energy, like…big mining, are praising the benefits of big lithium batteries. The Newman battery storage project installed a little over a year ago has been a huge success. News of the success has spread, and now other big miners, the petrochemical industry and grid operators are taking a very serious interest. Brilliant Big Batteries.


5. From Abroad. Washington DC and the ACT Have Found Something Renewable in Common

The ACT and Washington DC house each nation’s Parliament houses. The respective local governments have both set themselves 100% renewables targets, although with disparate time frames. Nonetheless, the ACT local government and the District of Columbia are doing their best to embarrass their neo-coal Federal neighbours about their energy policies. Learn a little more about what’s happening in DC here.


6. Distributed Energy Sources and Teaching an Old Grid New Tricks

Our electricity grid is used to distributing electricity from large, centralised baseload power stations. In the future, this model will look significantly different as power generation is decentralised and generated from places like your rooftop solar array and your home battery, or a community-sized lithium big battery. What are the boffins coming up with to ready the grid for a whole new energy generation paradigm? Find out here.


7. Desert Knowledge Australia. Learning More About Solar Performance Down Under

The Desert Knowledge Australia Solar Centre is a solar energy research facility located just out of Alice Springs. The facility is used by solar designers (and others) to understand more about solar panel efficiencies relative to technology and meteorological interactions. The results of research and data analysis are available online, allowing you, the solar customer, to weigh up the power and efficiency results from the many brands represented. Useful solar tools for you.


8. Pumped Hydroelectric Storage V’s Battery Power

The phenomenal success of the South Australian Tesla Big Battery is now old news. We have also just read about the Newman battery storage project in the Pilbara and its astonishing performance. Clearly, big batteries are now enjoying the limelight, and rightly so. However, is Pumped Hydroelectric storage set to knock batteries off their new pedestal? Check it out here.


9. South Australia’s Diesel Back-Up Electricity Generation. The Dirty Liberal Money Pit

The SA and Federal Liberal Governments have had a tremendous amount to say about the high cost of renewables and their inefficiencies. However, they have probably failed to mention any of the details about the essential backup diesel generators and their outrageous cost. Chances are, these toxic, old school ICE’s may never need to be switched on. So, SA electricity is expensive because…why again?


10. This Week’s Video. Pumped Hydroelectric Storage

The article in item 8 of today’s news deals with the potential of pumped hydroelectric storage. For those unfamiliar with the storage method, the following video provides a very useful introduction covering the core purpose and process. While set in Europe, the technology, motives and methodology apply here in Australia. Pure pumped power.

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