1. The Coalition Government’s Response to the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change

While completely predictable, it was still painful to hear the Morrison government more or less ridicule “the clearest possible advice from the world’s most qualified scientists.” True to form, some of the government’s comments were outrageously misleading. Also true to form, and a little cowardly, respective coalition ministers chose their right-wing radio shock jock buddies to facilitate the response to the public. Check it out here, but take a chill pill first.

2. WA Largest Solar Project

Renewables development in the west has been pretty sluggish, and that’s putting it kindly. However as sun-baked, as our largest state is, and as frenzied as renewable investment is currently, it is inevitable that solar development is going to take up residence in the west and expand. Western Australia’s largest solar project is to begin construction this year. Check it out, it’s pretty big.

3. 11GW of Wind and Solar are Planned for the Pilbara

In anybody’s language, this is an enormous and ambitious project that will ultimately see green energy exported to Asia via a massive underwater cable. Suitably impressed by the potential, Macquarie Group is providing development funds. The private sector has completely abandoned coal power investment, and is turning to renewables. Why can’t the federal coalition see the writing on the wall? Whopping green project.

4. When We Can Just Accept That Big Energy Treats Its Customers With Contempt, It’s Easier To Stop Getting Mad And Get Even

Big Energy has a prime directive - to serve its shareholders. When they spruik “The consumer must come first,” we roll our eyes. They’re responsible for the most expensive electricity in the world, ours. While the fossil fuel family blame renewables for high electricity prices, the truth is actually somewhat different. Read what BIG E really thinks about consumer attempts to wrestle power back into the hands of the consumers. Of course, they don’t care too much about their captive consumers. Why should they?

5. From Abroad. Israel to Ban the Sale of Combustion Engine Vehicles by 2030

We all know that the internal combustion engine vehicle will eventually fade into the past as electric cars take over. Israel, however, is getting serious, and forcing the issue by naming a date for the ban of ICE vehicle sales. In the scheme of things, 2030 will arrive pretty quickly. Considering the love affair we have had with our traditional fuel guzzling polluters, this is one heck of a rapid change, but a really positive one. An electric future.

6. Nio Unveils Its 2019 Formula E Racer. Wow

Formula E racing isn’t really competing with the classic Formula 1 spectacle currently. However, current investment suggests there’s a big future. The 2019 Formula E racing series car has been revealed at the 2018 Paris Motor Show and it’s a superb looking race vehicle, with all the lines of its fast fossil fuel cousins. Is Formula E the future? Rev it up here.

7. This Week’s Retrospective. The South Australian 2016 Blackout

With the current relentless attacks on renewables coming from the right, particularly the federal government, it’s a good time to remind ourselves of the right’s historical efforts to mislead. Remember the renewables blame game in the South Australian 2016 blackout? Read what the independent experts revealed as the cause. It had nothing to do with “too much wind in the grid.” Dishonest tricks of the political trade.

8. The Australian Solar Panel Validation Scheme is Underway

The Solar Panel Validation Initiative is a joint venture between The Clean Energy Regulator (The Government) and the solar industry. Learn how all the key industry stakeholders and consumers will benefit from the simple mechanism that allows for industry self-regulation. Ensure you get the panels you pay for.

9. Electric Moto Startup Delivers a Mesmerising Retro/Classic Fusion

Everything about the Tarform electric motorcycle that says, ‘designer motorcycle’. Perfect is a strong word, but if there was ever the perfect blend of future tech and retro on two wheels, the Tarform is it. Dripping with class and looking like something fresh off a movie set, the US built Tarform is a conquest of moto imagination. Read about its unique features here.

10. This Week’s Video. A Brief Introduction to Cold Fusion

Some of you may have heard of cold fusion. For those that have, you may recall that cold fusion is the absolute holy grail of renewable energy. It’s completely clean and could theoretically provide limitless power for billions of years. While still countless investment dollars and countless experiments are required, there are those that believe powering the world with cold fusion is a genuine probability. Here’s a short video providing the basics of cold fusion. The spark of the future.

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