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1. 24/7 Base Load Power an Antiquated Concept as Renewables Now Cheaper than Coal, Says Origin Energy

“Renewables are cheaper than the marginal cost of black coal at the moment. They are very cheap,” says Greg Jarvis, Origin’s head of energy trading and operations. While the Morrison government continues to bully renewables as the source of high electricity bills, those that supply the electricity beg to differ. Straight from the horse’s mouth.


2. The Outcome of the South Australian 2016 State Wide Blackout Was Not What Fossil Fuel Fans Were Hoping for or Expecting

The fossil fuel industry and its hard-line supporters blamed the SA 2016 blackout on “too much renewable power on the grid.” Even though this assertion was completely false, they pushed this line relentlessly. Fossil fuel fans expected the blackout would play right into their coal-driven agenda, putting the brakes on renewables expansion. Seems they were wrong. Find out what actually happened here.


3. Is the NEG Still Breathing? Is a Dead Horse About to be Flogged?

While the NEG is “officially dead,” unofficially, it still breathes. Like a car stripped for parts at the local wreckers, NEG components live on. There are interested parties - states included - talking it up however quietly. They are biding their time to see what transpires federally in terms of power; that is, governing power and energy policy. NEG revival? Rumours? There’s life in the old girl yet!


4. Solar. It’s Just Getting Better. NSW Councils Sign Up to Rural Solar Plant, Expecting to Reduce Their Electricity Bills by One Third

Moree, NSW, saw one of the first large-scale solar farms built in Australia. In a deal with Origin energy and the Moree plant, 18 mostly Sydney based councils, are set to save as much as 35% on power expenditure. In anybody’s language, that’s a significant saving. Moreover, this new deal will also see these LGAs lower their carbon footprint. More about the deal here.


5. Putting Coal Power to Rest. The Renewables Transition of Our Big Energy Providers

In only 15 years’ time, Origin energy will have exited coal power generation altogether. The energy company will turn its focus to energy storage and is beginning the process now. Listen to an interview with Origin’s Greg Jarvis, to learn about how and why Origin will be adapting to renewables to ensure its relevance as a leading energy supplier into the renewables future. Podcast here.


6. Australia’s Pollution is on the Rise. Paris Target in Jeopardy

Ever since the Federal coalition government was elected to office 5 years ago, Australia’s overall emissions have been on the rise. Now, with the Morrison government openly rallying against emissions targets and promising a coal repechage, it seems this upward trend is set to continue. It would appear there is little regard for emissions reductions under the present federal leadership. The numbers are not good.


7. This weeks Retrospective. The Snowy Mountains Scheme

With the world about to transition its power supply, a look back in history at the Snowy Mountains Hydro Scheme presents some interesting parallels. The Snowy project was so big, its influence on Australia’s growth, economy and culture was profound. Will our transition to renewables have the same impact as this mega project? Power history here.


8. The Australian Energy Debate. Let’s Get an Update

The Australian energy debate is spectacularly popular at the moment. We’ve seen a leadership spill and the death of an energy policy. But does it mean anything at all for the progression of the debate? Have we reached any clarity, consensus, or direction? Or is it just the same old merry go round of political bickering to which we have become accustomed with the whole energy thing? Click here for a great summary.


9. Electric Style Kings. Meet the Coolest Retro E-Bike on the Market

Check out this retro looking cruiser style E-bicycle from Rayvolt Bikes. The emphasis here is clearly on style. The style is achieved hands down and the Cruzer drips with class and eye-catching features. Looking like something fresh out of WWII with its leather saddle bags and long wheelbase, the digital dash and battery pack indicates this bicycle is definitely born of high tech imagination. Check it out here.


10. This Week’s Video. Snowy Hydro - Mountains of Power

To compliment the Snowy history we read about in item 7, the following video will take us on a visually informative journey of Australia’s most significant nation-building project. The Snowy Mountain Scheme was and is far more than just electricity. This easy to follow, easy to understand video will be great for the kids, too. Watch it here.


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  • Paul Baker

    The main rationale why both the Libs and Labour don’t embrace renewable power generation is the fact that approximately a third of all their revenue base comes from oil, coal and gas. Just be nice if they would be straight up about it, and stop the BS.

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