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1. Australia is the Home of the Big Banana, The Big Marino, and Lately, the Big Battery. Now Here Comes the Big Array

Australia’s biggest solar farm begins construction in October. The plant will generate 349MW from its array in Limondale, New South Wales. The plant will reach full commercial operation by 2020 and is part of a larger solar investment scheme from German renewable energy giant, Innogy. Go the sun.

2. The Aussie/Tesla Big Battery Blowing Minds with its Astonishing Performance

The world’s largest lithium-ion battery has shot mud in the eye of doubters and blown the minds of supporters as it surpasses even the experts expectations. Expect lithium to become a significant player in grid support into the future. The Hornsdale Power Reserve has proven its metal and then some. Read more here.

3. Beware Coal Filtered Energy Propaganda. Figures Covered in Coal Dust Prove a Little Dirty

Coal baron Trevor St Baker made unmentionable amounts of money from coal. You can assume the figures that support his assertion that wind and solar should be severely restricted contain some serious bias. So what excuse does economist Judith Sloan have for her ‘creative’ take on renewables economics? Find out more here.

4. Auto Giant Renault is Giving Used EV Batteries a Second Life

And a useful life at that. Renault is uniquely placed to lead the way with the creation of “Advanced Battery Storage.” The used EV batteries will combine to store at least 60 MW, delivering grid support to as many as 5000 homes. It seems we’ve learned a big lesson about recycling. Lithium lives on.

5. Meet the Bicycle with Classic Lines and an Electric Heart

Readers of Instyle Solar and bike enthusiasts alike will be aware of the many outrageous electric bicycle designs taking hold in the burgeoning EB market. For those that prefer the subtle curves of a more traditional, classic bicycle aesthetics, there’s a battery driven model called the Aveny, by Blix Bikes. Think inner-city Amsterdam. 2-wheeled electric class.

6. Our Neighbours in New Zealand are Heeding the Call to Incentivise Electric Vehicle Uptake

It’s not really news that Australia has been slow on the uptake of EVs. But you might find it interesting that our good mates across the ditch have been a little sluggish also. In a move to tackle the dreaded emissions issue, NZ is creating incentives designed to encourage Kiwis into electric cars. What are they doing? Can Australia follow suit? Drive in and see.

7. This Week’s Retrospective. It's 50 Years Since Climate Change was First Seen

Climate change or global warming might only seem recent, but the phenomenon didn’t simply appear out of the blue with the Millennials. In fact, 50 years have passed since the first warning bells were sounded. Importantly, the predictions the early study made have come to pass. This delivers critical support to the assertion that human Co2 emissions are a significant contributing factor to dangerous global warming. The early signs.

8. Solar Cell Advances for the Tech Heads. What Is IBC Solar Cells Technology?

When we see a solar array on a roof, they all look the same. A solar cell is a solar cell, same same, as the famous Thai saying goes. However, it’s worth noting that there are many technologies used in manufacturing and structuring the silicon solar cell. They’re not all the same and the construction process and materials also vary. Let’s have a look at IBC solar cells technology. Are there worthy advantages? Let’s find out.

9. Huge Solar Plant Growth in Queensland Triggers New Government Guidelines

13 large-scale solar farms have been built or are under construction in Queensland. There’s another 16 of the same waiting in line to become a part of the Sunshine State solar bonanza. The Queensland government is introducing new guidelines to ensure seamless construction and grid integration. Solar up here.

10. This Week’s Video. How a Wind Turbine Works

The modern wind turbine is an amazing advancement in an ancient and important technology. The following video provides an in-depth and easy to follow breakdown of the inner workings of this graceful power generator. We’re starting to see them everywhere and we can expect more. Let’s take a look inside and see how they work. Power from the wind.

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