Volkswagen Kombi EV Prototype

1. Solar and Wind Power Keeping Electricity Prices Down

The National Energy and Emissions Audit published by The Australia Institute has indicated that renewables are “the only thing” keeping electricity prices down. Unprecedented growth in solar and wind have bolstered competition, weakening the gas and coal monopoly. This latest energy price empirical data is clearly at odds with what the federal coalition would have you believe. More here.

2. Australian Gas Demand Down as Renewables Take Preference

It’s pretty reasonable to state, unsupported, that the gas companies have been somewhat less than ‘fair dinkum’ with their Aussie customer base. With domestic rooftop solar now proving, not just viable, but nigh on essential for cheaper power, Aussies are beginning to ditch gas as their energy staple and embrace the renewable future. Gassing down.

3. Energy Minister’s Primary Role: Undermine the Transition to Renewable Energy

Angus Taylor, the minister for “lowering the price of electricity” continues his assault on wind and solar. In direct contradiction to all available evidence, Taylor assures us the pursuit of wind, solar and emission targets will act like a “wrecking ball” on Australian industry. Interestingly, Australian industry begs to differ and gets on with the task of energy future proofing their operations. There’s the coalition, and then there’s reality.

4. Morrison Government is not only Anti Renewables but Anti Evidence

Prime Minister Morrison would have Australians believe that we will meet our Paris emissions target in a “cantor.” However, the data clearly demonstrates that if Australia continues its current emissions trajectory, by 2030, our country will have emitted more than 960 million tonnes of Co2-e over the Paris trajectory. Why the huge blowout? Find out here.

5. The Electric VW Kombi is on the Way. And it Looks Fantastic

While as German as Oktoberfest, the VW Kombi transcended borders, becoming a unique and global culture. One could argue, the only other vehicle to become so iconic and so international, would be the Harley Davidson Motorcycle. 2022 will see the release of the much anticipated electric version of the hippy-mobile. Showcased at the recent Pebble Beach motor show, if the drive lives up to the sleek aesthetic, the VW Kombi global romance will be set to continue well on in to the electric future. Electric hippies.

6. Electric Mountain Bikes Steal the Show

Interbike is the largest bicycle trade show in the US. While the recent show introduced a diverse range of bikes, it would seem that the electric mountain bikes stole the show. With names like Rambo and Bulls adorning carbon frames and titanium parts, you get a clear sense of intent. With prices exceeding the $6000 US point, will the market be keen to ride? Expect a resounding YES. Saddle up here.

7. This Week’s Retrospective. Australia’s First Solar Power Plant

White Cliffs, NSW, 1979. The Australian National University launches a project to demonstrate that the sun could power a small town using photovoltaics. The $1.9 million plant generated electricity from 1982 until 2005, using two different technologies. While many of us now dwell with solar rooftops, let’s remember the pioneers that made this possible. Australian sons let us recall.

8. Mining for Batteries. The Solar Future Ensures Aussies Will Keep on Digging

There’s no doubt Australians are legends at digging almighty big holes for profit. Australia is a veritable mineral supermarket and there has always been a high demand for the spoils of our excavation. The solar and battery industry has a burgeoning demand for the minerals that form components for their products, lithium is just one them. As Asia expands its solar and battery manufacturing, Australia is set to capitalise on its mineral rich lands, abundant with the resources Asia needs. Keep on digging. But keep it clean guys.

9. News from Abroad. Solar Power Breaks Records Across Europe

An unusually hot European summer caused significant issues with traditional coal and nuclear power generation. There simply wasn’t enough water available to cool the profoundly thirsty power plants. Where fossil fuels failed, renewables took over, with solar generating record amounts of electricity in a number of European countries. Solar saves the day.

10. This week’s video. A Closer Look at the Batteries That Power EVs

Battery technology is rewriting the vehicle manufacturing process. Internal combustion engines will eventually become a thing of the past. They have had their day. While still the dominant force on our roads, battery technology will eventually push out ICVs as EV technology becomes cheaper and more advanced. Your new car has a different sort of battery.

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