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1. Solar Basics: What is Maximum Power Point or MPP

We all want our solar panels to operate at peak efficiency as often as possible, but we know there are environmental factors that impact efficiency. Your installer will have arranged your array to balance the influences of key environmental factors, but it pays to understand the principles of Maximum Power Point or MPP. Check it out here.

2. Why Has AGL Suddenly Left the Solar Installation Business?

In a move strangely close to the recent power shift in Canberra, AGL has announced its departure from the domestic solar installation business. AGL stated that the new business model will prove better for AGL customers. It’s hard not to think they have confused customers with shareholders. Is that too cynical? Have the big power companies earned a level of public cynicism? Read more here.

3. Have You Considered Buying an Electric Vehicle?

Electric vehicles have gained significant traction in car markets across the globe, particularly in Europe. Is it the same in Australia? The recent news suggests there are exciting developments for Australians interested in changing over to an electric vehicle. What do you need to know about entering the electric vehicle market in Australia? Start your EV research here.

4. It’s a Volvo Automobile. It’s Electric, it Drives by Itself and you can Sleep in It as well.

Volvo is really starting to get creative with their EV’s. The latest Volvo concept vehicle is billed as a “mobile living and workplace.” The vehicle manufacturer famous for its vehicle safety is taking the electric commute to a place we might not have imagined. Fancy a little extra sleep while your car takes you to work? Driving imagination.

5. Federal Coalition Ridicules Report into the Health Effects of Climate Change

Federal resources minister Matt Canavan has dismissed a recent report about the potentially troubling health impacts of climate change. It would seem that anything about climate change or renewables, has not just been relegated, but wiped off any Morrison Government agenda completely. Fortunately for us, the LNP is probably underestimating Australian concerns about climate change which may see their regressive climate politics bound for the opposition. Backward policy. Climate ridicule.

6. From Abroad. California Signs Bill Legislating that the State Deliver 100 Percent Carbon-Free Electricity by 2045

In a situation strangely similar to Australia, it seems the states are leading the way with climate change mitigation in the USA. While Trump intends to withdraw the United States from the Paris climate agreement, California has now legislated that the state will meet Paris targets. Responsible policy.

7. This Week’s Retrospective. Frogs, and the Birth of the Battery

With batteries now playing such a significant role in our power transition, we thought it useful to take a look at battery history. Interestingly, the early discoveries involved a frog and something called animal electricity. Batteries have come a long way in 300 years. While we marvel at modern battery possibilities, we really have to pay homage to the early pioneers. Who was Volta?

8. Electric Bikes Looking Stranger and Stranger. But They’re Jam Packed Full of Awesome Features

The UMi 250 might be the strangest looking bike since the Penny Farthing, but a Penny Farthing it isn’t! In fact, it’s light years ahead of its now very distant cousin and the most feature packed electric bicycle available for under $1000 US. While the speed and endurance are a little ordinary, you’re certainly going to turn some heads riding the Urban Drivestyle UMi 250. Saddle up here.

9. The Head of Gas and Electricity Company Jemena, Paul Adams, Says Energy Policy “Is Not Rocket Science”

One might ask the question then: Why has the Federal LNP made such a disgraceful mess of it? While the feds in Canberra play coal miners, the states forge ahead with renewables. However, Adams fears a lack of a unified national policy might be just as fraught as fragmented policy, likening it to the problems caused by the states having different rail gauges. Investigate here.

10. This week’s video. How a Hydroelectric Plant Works

Hydroelectricity has been with us for a long time now. The Snowy Hydro Scheme is one of the most famous power infrastructure developments in Australian history, a massive engineering accomplishment in its day. This week’s video is a brief but informative introduction to the workings of a hydropower plant. Watch it here.

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