Tesla Roadster Basel

1. Victorians are Getting a New Rooftop Solar Incentive Scheme. Now is the Time to Take Advantage

In a bold push to bolster the progressive vote, the Andrews Labour Government is sinking over 1.2 billion dollars into rooftop solar. There are compelling incentives for solar hot water also. With the Feds going backwards on renewables, the states are making the most of the renewables black hole in Canberra. Great news for Victorian electricity consumers. The Solar South.


2. Too Much Wind and Solar on our Grids. The Latest From our New Federal Energy Minister

With the voice of the shock jocks such as Alan Jones preaching his agenda, Taylor is now doing his best to convince us that there is already too much wind and solar feeding our electricity grid. This notion is refuted by the energy industry itself, nonetheless, Taylor continues with coal driven rhetoric. Miss-leadership.


3. Power-Heavy Industry Heading the Call to Renewables

The industry is beginning to invest in renewables to support their heavy power demands. They have done so because they see it providing a significant commercial advantage. According to those who have taken up renewable incentives, the benefits are reaching well beyond cheaper, more reliable power. Commercial solar here.


4. Honda Lacks Confidence in the Aussie EV Market

The newest Honda EV is a fantastic-looking urban commuter. It seems Australia won’t see it, however. Honda Australia sites very low EV consumer demand as the reason it will not reach our shores. Honda’s approach to the Australian EV market remains conservative due to a lack of government support and policy direction on electric vehicles. Aussie motorist missing out.


5. The New Tesla Roadster. All Class With Stylish Lines And Spacious Interior

It doesn’t go yet; the new Tesla Roadster is not a working prototype. But if the proposed drive is anything like the impressive cosmetics, the new Roadster will likely prove a winner for Tesla. Unveiled at the Grand Basel car show, Tesla is clearly looking to whet the appetites of a hungry EV market. Fabulous EV styling.


6. The MIKU MAX. Standing Out in the Crowd

The EV boom has delivered a brand new take on vehicle aesthetics. The MIKU MAX, while dividing opinion about the cosmetic appeal, deifies its ‘unique’ styling by attracting significant global popularity. Cutting edge design? Or a face only a mother could love? Doesn’t seem to matter. The MIKU MAX sells, in its Chinese home, and now abroad. See why here.


7. This Week’s Retrospective. The Birth of Photovoltaics

We often take our contemporary technologies for granted. They’re part of our lives and daily function. The solar cell, or photovoltaic cell, is becoming a critical technology for our future. In some way, all of us are now touched by photovoltaics. Let’s journey back in celebration of those pioneers whose visions and experiments have paved the way for our energy future. Early solar science.


8. New Report Backs the Notion that Current Federal Energy Policy Defies Reason

A recent industry report highlights trillions of dollars in global wealth that will come from the transition to renewables. The report also highlights the devastating cost of carrying on with business as usual. There seems to be so much to gain from accelerating the new energy paradigm, so much to be lost, should we ignore the urgency of the problem. Can the Federal policy be construed as criminal negligence? Environmental vandalism? Read more here.


9. West Australian Hydrogen Conference Discussing the Wests Renewable Future

The growth of renewable Hydrogen in Asian markets presents an enormous opportunity for West Australian clean energy investment. With supply chains and infrastructure in place, the West can continue to do what it does best; sell natural resources. The big plus here is that it’s clean, renewable and an important part of future global energy demands. The State of Hydrogen.


10. This week’s video. Inside a Hydrogen Vehicle

The 2017 Toyota Mirai Hydrogen Fuel Cell Car is one of few that have made it out onto the roads. We are hearing plenty about Electric vehicles, but what of the Hydrogen Fuel Cell Car? Let’s have a look inside the Toyota Mirai, will it be able to compete with the rise of the EV? Check out the Mirai here.

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