Q30 Electric Yacht

1. Yet Another PM is Forced to Walk the Plank Mid Term. The Energy Debacle Was Clearly the Last Nail in the Turnbull Coffin. Was He Sold Out Based on Coal Powered Lies?

Tony Abbott, Craig Kelly, Eric Abetz and George Christensen et al have now got what they were driving for. More coal, more fossil fuels and a stronger position for their push to relegate renewables. With some well-timed and relentless scaremongering about the impact of renewables on our electricity bills, the electorate has folded. Abbott and co have shrieked in the right places, and now we’re scared that a Labour push to reach 50% renewables will see our electricity bills skyrocket. Problem is, the claim is totally bogus. Backward political agendas.


2. Queensland is Convinced that Renewables Offer the Most Cost Effective Power Going Forward.

Contrary to the backward approach to renewable energy shown by our federal government, Queenslanders are backing wind and solar as the most cost-effective form of power generation. Clearly, they are putting their money (our money) where their mouth is, as they finally open a government-owned generation company focused on renewables. State power.


3. Tesla of the Sea? Meet the New Q30 Day Cruiser

Electric outboard motors have been an important tool for recreational angling for quite some years now. It would appear much larger recreational boating is getting in on the electric power propulsion also. Q-Yachts is a Finland-based start-up hoping that their new Q30 all-electric day cruiser yacht will become the Tesla of the seas. Hop on board here.


4. We Can Print Hearts with Amazing 3D Printing Technology. Now we’re Printing Solar Panels

A new solar installation on a factory roof in Newcastle, NSW, is the first of its kind. It’s made entirely from printed solar cells, printed on a standard reel to reel printer. The 200 square meter array took 5 technicians only one day to install. The stick-on printed cells will be tested and monitored on-site over the next 6 months. While still in its infancy, the technology is claimed to have enormous potential. Printing power.


5. This Weeks Retrospective. Careful What You Read. It Could Be Total Rubbish

The renewables industry and climate scientists have had their work cut out for them, battling climate and renewables dissent. Powerful right-wing media support for the anti-renewables, climate change deniers, has a very big influence on voting citizens. Interestingly, news from the past has returned, providing a timely reminder that much of what the right media (Murdoch) promotes, is little more than garbage. Flat out deception here.


6. Cost Effective Transport You Can Take Anywhere, Even on the Plane

Ultra-affordable, low maintenance, go-anywhere, airline compliant, and folds into a bag you can throw over your shoulder. What is it? A bicycle, or, more accurately, an E-bike. Ok, for those not quite up to speed with contemporary electric vernacular, an E-bike is an electric bicycle. The Stark Drive retails for around $299 US and is redefining the urban funky commute in miniature. While only 13kg ringing wet, the Stark drive will adjust to fit a rider 193 cm tall and 120 kg. The base model is very well appointed, but with a little more investment, you can go crazy and start pimping your mini E-ride. Mini E-ride pics here.


7. Renewables, as it Happens, Are Better Suited to Produce Dispatchable, Reliable Power to our Grid. This, of Course, Is the Antithesis of Right Wing Coalition Energy Rhetoric

A rule of thumb should be: Never believe anything you are told about energy, power generation, energy markets and renewables it if comes from the federal coalition. Energy professionals such as chief scientist Alan Finkel, and Australian leading electrical engineer, Kate Summers, know a darn site more about electricity, its generation and distribution than the aggravating clowns in Canberra’s federal circus. Read this article to get a feel for the difference between unbiased, factual electricity science, and the garbage we’re fed by those we elect. Get informed Australia.


8. Where Renewables are Concerned, Angus Taylor and His Coal Fired Buddies, Can’t Stop Progress

In a very strange and twisting energy politics irony, Scott Morrison firstly tells us: We should remove subsidies and technology bias and let the market take care of our energy future. Taylor, our new Energy minister tells us: If big energy doesn’t comply with his demands, he’ll beat them up with “a big stick”. Hardly Liberal free market laissez-faire. It turns out however, the feds are as impotent at preventing the full transition to renewables as they are void of good energy ideas. It seems the people and the markets have already decided upon a renewable future. Ultimate good news.


9. We Have a New Energy Minister. All We Really Know About Him is that He’s Scared of Wind, and Perhaps Ironically, Likely Full of It.

Our new Energy Minister, Angus Taylor, is going to great lengths to refute claims that he is a climate sceptic. The same man, who will now be known as the Minister for Reducing Energy Prices, believes emissions reduction economics is a conspiracy theory. Taylor, who also claims he has ‘renewables in his blood’ will scrap emissions targets and return to funding coal power. Moreover, and ever so strangely, he hates wind power. Click here for a little insight.


10. This week’s video. Organic Printed Solar

Another trendy solution for solar energy. But this time it’s an organic printed solar. It’s been made of some clever electronic inks and recyclable plastic. The best part is it can be printed on a pretty standard printing machine, like the one that prints the labels for your favourite wine. Check it out.


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