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1. The NEG Fizzles as the Federal Government Appears Incompetent Compared to the Renewables Leadership Shown by Aussie States

It’s abundantly apparent that Australia needs decisive action on affordable, reliable and sustainable electricity. The NEG debacle and the politicisation of climate change and renewable targets have exposed the coalition as incapable of coherent ideas, let alone decisive action. Thankfully, leadership and vision from our states are stepping in to take up the slack. But is it enough? Looking for leaders.


2. The NEG is Dead. States Revolt After the NEG is Stripped of Critical Emissions Targets

“The federal government has now completely capitulated on emissions and climate change and abandoned the Paris Climate Change commitments.” Given that emissions targets were a primary objective of the NEG, it’s now abundantly clear the NEG policy has become a basket case. With the states and certain coalition factions vehemently at odds, the NEG has been ripped to shreds by political infighting, division and power plays. The sad truth.


3. Coal Coal Coal. The Nationals Reaffirm Their Commitment to Support Huge Expenditure to Secure Base Load Coal Power into the Future

As much of the world pushes forward with renewables innovation, the National Party appears firmly locked in the past. In today’s energy climate coal is a dirty word, but the Nationals are quite content to keep on swearing in public. In the face of current energy and climate pressures, such backward thinking is becoming a national embarrassment. Coal has a role in transition, yes. But one would hope a very, very limited future. The Nationals have other ideas.


4. Political Acceptance of a 0.2% Annual Emissions Reduction Amounts to a Willingness to Deliberately Inflict Damage, according to Oliver Yates

Oliver Yates, former chief executive of the Clean Energy Finance Corporation and a director of the Smart Energy Council, condemns climate change political ignorance as being evil. He suggests that the fossil fuel favourable NEG policy might be acceptable if effective emissions targets were set. Yates cites current emissions targets as being “absurdly low.” It seems to be accepted that science agrees. Deliberate malicious damage to the planet?


5. Climate Issues Have Now Hit the Point Where Unprecedented Action is Required

Prof. Hans Joachim Schellnhuber, senior climate advisor to German Chancellor Angela Merkel and the European Union, has warned that climate warming poses a genuine and immediate existential risk. He is certainly not alone with his dire warnings, but are such catastrophic outcomes too abstract for us to understand, too extreme to comprehend? Is it unnecessary fear mongering that undermines the credibility of more conservative arguments promoting the need for change? Or is this the warning we need to respond to immediately? Dire predictions.


6. ACCC to Probe Further into the Electricity Market, Monitoring Electricity Prices and Energy Companies’ Profits

As Aussie consumers, we all like to think that the ACCC has our back, protecting us against underhanded corporate price gouging. The ACCC plans further, lengthier monitoring of the electricity market. Energy Australia executive Mark Collette said, “The ACCC spent 18 months investigating electricity prices and found no evidence of market manipulation or misuse of market power by generator-retailers.” Are ACCC investigations useless, delivering little in the way of outcomes for Australian consumers? More here.


7. This Week’s Retrospective. The Power of the Wind

The wind has had a profound influence on human civilisation. Sails filled with wind allowed us to discover new continents and settle the globe. It has pumped our water and ground our grain. Now, the modern world sees wind providing sustainable, clean power to the grid. Take a look back at the significance of wind and its integral role in human adaptation and utility. History in the wind.


8. Is the Manufacture of Solar Panels Sustainable?

When we think of the emissions from coal, we think of the carbon by-products of burning coal to turn the electricity-generating turbines. But much of the emissions related to coal come from its extraction from the ground. The manufacture of solar panels also requires raw materials from the earth. Is the manufacture of solar panels environmentally sound? Check out this article in the Instyle Solar blog, for some very interesting insights. Sustainable solar.


9. Electric ATV Looks Like a World of Fun and Adventure

The recent developments in battery technology have been a catalyst for amazing electric creations from electric cars and bikes to solar planes. The EZRaider line of all-electric ATVs is the newest take on battery-powered all-terrain vehicles. This go anywhere, do anything ATV offers utility and adventure. It must have something going for it, as the US special forces have already deployed it in battle. Check it out here.


10. This Week’s Video. The Future of Power. It would Appear We are Well Optioned for a Clean Power Future

Should we manage to bypass regressive power politics, it would appear that a very bright power future is assured. Meet the technologies that are set to take us into the twenty-second century, emission-free, sustainable and renewable. Thanks to the passion of creative thinkers and necessity’s influence on invention, we have a stunningly powerful future ahead. Popcorn time.



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