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1. Nationals Talk up Coal for “Technology Neutral” Electricity Solutions, With Apparent Support From the ACCC

With a thinly veiled attempt to appear unbiased and solution driven, the National Party, heartened by apparent support from the ACCC, are again promoting coal. For the Nationals and other politically based coal supporters, it seems the term, “cheap base-load power” is simply a euphemism for thermal coal. Could the 4 billion dollars flagged for coal power investment be better spent? Like…on a sustainable energy future? Old ideas.

2. Independent Analysis Suggests the NEG Will Fail Its Key Objective of Securing Investor Confidence

Global analysis firm IBISWorld suggest the NEG fails to address the deep-seated issues that have plagued Australian renewables and climate policy. The analysis goes further, indicating that disappointment in the NEG from coal supporters and environmentalists shows that it will do nothing to resolve the problem with investor confidence. Independent reviews.

3. Blatant Lack of Transparency Completely Undermines NEG Credibility

Political and Energy markets are livid that the coalition has failed to deliver NEG modelling details. The average Australian, the ones ultimately impacted by this policy, can only assume that the Government is deliberately hiding the details. The reason? What other reason could there be other than the details indicate policy killing flaws. Further fury.

4. Queensland Solar Plants Forging Ahead

Queensland continues to capture solar headlines as “beautiful one day perfect the next” makes good on its Sunshine State credentials. The Collinsville solar power plant, built next to the old coal power station, switches on and is set to power 15000 Whitsunday homes for the next 20 years. Queensland powers.

5. States Pressing the Feds for Flexibility in the NEG as Policy Battles are Set to Continue

While getting his own party on a united NEG path was a profoundly difficult battle, it would seem Turnbull and Frydenberg face even greater challenges in the states. The states and territories flatly refuse to sign up to the NEG policy in its present form. Is there a solution to the standoff? Or will we see the NEG compromised out of existence? More here.

6. The Future of Fuelling up the Car. Robots

It might look like science fiction, but robots will soon become the norm at your local service station. The days of a driveway attendant fuelling your vehicle while checking under the hood and cleaning your windscreen died decades ago. Now, we self-serve. But as electric vehicles become the dominant species on our roads, expect to get familiar with your friendly local fuelling robot. Future fuelling.

7. Electric News from Norway. The Hyundai Kona Electric Vehicle First Shipment Sold Out

Norway is streets ahead when it comes to the uptake of electric vehicles. Hyundai is happy to feed the Nordic passion for EVs but struggles to satisfy burgeoning demand. Taking 20,000 orders of the much-anticipated vehicle has now forced them to close current order books. It seems the customers love the Kona’s sensible price tag. EVs are the future, now.

8. Juiced Electric Bicycles. Fat Tyres and Super Speed

It looks fantastic in a cross retro, contemporary design mix. But it’s the 64 km/h top speed that makes the Hyper Fat stand out ahead of its competitors. Range figures are a little tough to come by, but the speculations based on the 1 kWh battery suggest the Hyper Fat will deliver on endurance. However, at 64 km, one might be happy to drop a little distance for the thrill of the ride. Great Speeding Bicycles Batman.

9. Elon Going Private with the Help of the Saudi’s

For those of us not following the trials, tribulations and successes of Tesla and Elon Musk, the news of Tesla privatisation is actually pretty big for financial markets and renewable energy. Musk and the Saudi’s make for odd of bedfellows, to say the least. One might say opposing magnets. Nonetheless, it appears that the influential oil nation may fund Musk’s renewable dreams. Adventures with Elon.

10. This Week’s Video. Home Batteries. The future and the Now, With a Touch of the Past

With the help of ABC’s Catalyst, let’s take a look at home batteries. This phenomenal technology will change the way we use power at home. It is our energy future and it’s exciting. The video also contains this week’s retrospective. For those of us around at the beginning of the mobile phone, prepare to take a walk down memory lane. Look at the early phones, then look at the current home battery technology. What you are seeing now with home batteries, is the equivalent of the old bricks of the 80’s. It won’t be long before we see electricity storage technology completely change the way we integrate power into our daily lives. Grab some popcorn.


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