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1. Even with the NEG State and Territory Sign-up at Our Doorstep, The Final National Energy Paper Fails to Include Meaningful Modelling Data

The states have been champing at the bit to get their hands on the detailed modelling that supports the Federal Government NEG policy projections. While a partial summary was included in the final paper, the critical, detailed modelling, (detail being the realm of the devil), were not forthcoming. This will likely hold NEG progress, so why hold back the modelling? Investigate here.

2. The NEG Lambasted as Catastrophic Failure of Leadership

Ian Dunlop, former international oil, gas and coal industry executive, chair of the Australian Coal Association and CEO of the Australian Institute of Company Directors, has presented the most scathing attack to date on the current Australian energy and climate policy. The fear is that even this grilling may be understating the dangers we face in the absence of sound leadership. Important insights.

3. Big Energy Profits as Consumers Foot the Bill

As far as Australian consumers are concerned, we are facing an energy crisis. We can all see it in our bills; they rise continually and there’s no end in sight. If the big energy generators and retailers are struggling to supply, why is it that their net profits have trebled this half year when measured against last year? Price gouging anybody? Where is the ACCC? Are we being ripped off?

4. There’s a Profit in Poo, as Well as a List of Awesome Green Benefits

An $11.8 million project will see human waste processed into useful products in a hydrothermal liquefaction reactor to be constructed in Gladstone, Queensland. The pilot project will demonstrate how the treatment of the biosolids using a thermochemical conversion process produces biocrude - which is a fancy name for oil. Waste not want not.

5. News from Abroad. China Determined to Take a Leading Role in Demonstrating the Power of Solar and Renewables as Baseload

China’s Qinghai province is reported to have powered its constituents for 7 straight days using only renewable energy sources, including hydro, wind, and solar power. While the actual figures vary depending on the source, it still demonstrates the way forward for Baseload renewable power generation. Renewable baseload is good news.

6. Saudis Buy Major Stake in Tesla

The Saudis have oil in their DNA. At 100 Billion per annum in oil exports, it is their lifeblood. It’s an interesting sign indeed, that the home of oil is now looking to invest 2 billion dollars in the very technology, and company, that wants to rid the globe of its reliance on the Saudi primary source of revenue. Conflict of interest? Or wisely transitioning to the energy future? The writing’s on the wall.

7. From Germany. It’s Not Just an Electric Vehicle, It’s a Solar Vehicle

Instyle Solar Solar News Sono Motors Sion

Most of us are familiar with the solar vehicles that compete in cross nation challenges. They’re space age looking things that are a very long way from your daily commute vehicle. The Germans are about to release a solar self-charging EV that will be more than suitable for getting about town and taking the kids to school. Charge up and drive away with SonoMotor here.

8. This Week’s Retrospective. Sort Of. The Honda Super Cub Motorcycle

Enjoying continuous production since 1958, the Honda Super Cub holds the record for being the most produced motor vehicle in history. Looking very retro, somewhat utilitarian, and completely true to its original design, the Super Cub is heading into the 21st Century with an all-electric powered motor. History meets the future.

9. The Need for Speed. Tesla Accelerates

When we think of super sports cars, most of us conjure images of Ferrari, Porsche, McLaren and Lamborghini. It would be rare that an electric vehicle springs to mind. The Tesla Model 3 is even faster than the manufacturers predicted, making 0-60 mph in 3.3s and quarter-mile in 11.8s. That’s incredible acceleration. Rev it up here.

10. This week’s video. Powering the World on Solar Alone

When we see the size of a 1000 MW solar farm, most of us are gobsmacked by the enormity of the array. Such an output requires a tremendous amount of real estate to position enough panels to convert the rays. What would it require in terms of cost and real estate to build a solar array to power the entire world's electricity needs? Is such a solar project even feasible, or is it just an interesting exercise in grappling with some big numbers? Watch here.

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