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Before we hit the headlines, here’s a quick note on the coalition's National Energy Guarantee. You may have noticed we have had a number of links to NEG articles. We do again this week. While politics might be ho-hum for many, this looming policy is very significant for Australians and our immediate energy future. We encourage you to stay informed, as this is policy that will directly impact you.

1. The National Energy Guarantee. Hiding the Ugly Bits in Undecipherable Complexity

We all know the devil is in the details. Is the coalition deliberately creating an energy policy the average Australian could never fully comprehend, apart from the promising yet potentially misleading headlines? Or is complexity simply the result of having to manage a profoundly complex issue? Whatever the case, it would seem counterintuitive to make an issue that should be simplified even more tangled and twisted. Read more here.

2. Critics Site Empirical Data Revealing the NEG Will Completely Arrest Wind and Solar Growth Following 2022

Headlines of cheaper electricity for consumers and realised emissions targets may be clouding the serious flaws inherent in the NEG policy. Should the state governments sign on to the plan, Australians may see a booming renewables industry hit a Turnbull-built proverbial brick wall. Important insights here.

3. This Week’s Retrospective. Two Years Ago We Flew Around the World Without Using A Drop of Liquid Fuel

It was an experiment. It was bold and courageous and labelled an ambition that could not be achieved. Of course, the doubters were proved wrong. As is often the case, the doubters only fire up the inspirations of our pioneers. In 2016 the first solar flight around the globe marked a significant moment in solar and aviation history. Take yourself back a couple of years.

4. Sydney Plant to Turn Hundreds of Thousands of Tonnes of Garbage into Fuel

Great ideas that become a reality make good news. This is especially the case when the news is about thousands of tonnes of refuse destined for the landfill, that will be recycled. The process will provide an emission offset the equivalent of removing 20,000 cars from the road. It replaces the need for 100,000 tonnes of coal. Recycling innovation here.

5. With Only Days to the Deadline, Queensland Threatens to Block Turnbull’s NEG

Queensland is proudly broadcasting its incredibly ambitious renewable energy plans. And so it should. In a drive to reach 50% renewable power generation by 2030, the Sunshine State will have nothing of any Fed policy that stands in their way. Has Queensland joined the ACT as a serious doubter? Important energy issues for Australians.

6. News from Abroad. Electric Bicycles Now at the Centre of a New Asia/Euro Trade War

E-bikes. Something innately positive and good for the world is, unfortunately, far from immune to the dark clouds of international bickering. The European Union has decided to implement new tariffs on electric bicycles imported from China. It seems the home of mass production is looking for fertile markets to move excess cheaply. The EU won’t have it. More here.

7. A Report Commissioned by Greenpeace Australia Pacific Has Found That Under Turnbull’s National Energy Guarantee, Electricity Prices Will Rise

As if the beleaguered NEG policy wasn’t in enough trouble, a recent report commissioned by Greenpeace Australia Pacific has concluded that electricity prices would rise for Australians, indeed the opposite of the policy intent. It was also concluded the policy would not only do nothing to reduce emissions but would also stifle renewables investment and growth after 2020. Is there any hope for the NEG? Get the low down here.

8. This Week’s Video. How an Electric Car Works

Many of us have a rudimentary understanding of how an internal combustion vehicle (the one you are most likely driving now) works. The most basic understanding would be: You put petrol in, you turn on the car, the engine runs, and smelly toxic stuff shoots out the back making the city smoggy and smelly. The electric car is very different indeed. Grab your popcorn as this week’s short video shows us how an electric vehicle works. This is a great video as it makes efficiency comparisons to the ICV we have in our garage right now. Just remember when you’re watching, this is your future drive. Plug in here.

9. Let’s Get into Some Home Solar Tech with Microinverters Vs DC Optimizers

Solar science never sits still. As a result, the domestic solar market can enjoy an ever-increasing range of innovations that are designed to increase the performance of PVs. The better a system performs, the more money stays in our pockets. Let’s take a look at Microinverters and DC Optimisers. Let’s get jiggy with the terms, understand the differences between the two, and learn how they can work for us. Greater solar efficiency here.

10. Hybrid & Electric Vehicles: What’s Hot In 2018?

The word is out that Australia might be a little sluggish on the uptake of electric and hybrid vehicles. C’mon Australia, the market is now starting to boom with EV options. Let’s take a look at a few here. There’s also a surprising historical footnote here most will probably not be aware of. Go electric here.

11. The E-Harley Davidson. This Week’s Bonus Article

There’s a United States motoring brand that pushes well beyond the status of a global motoring icon. Harley Davidson is a culture. It’s a statement. And it’s represented all over the world. While Rolls Royce might make the same claims, the famous vehicle is exclusive, available only to a select few. The Harley is something we can all own. It’s a club everyone can access. And it conjures a full gamut of emotions and feelings from fear to freedom. Brand endurance is one thing, corporate survival is another. It seems Harley have a solid grip on this and know exactly where the future is headed. Meet the LiveWire.

Instyle Solar News Harley Davidson Live Wire

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