July 27. What You Might Have Missed This Week in Solar CSC City Slicker

1. 2019 Will See Queensland’s Renewable power Generation Hit 21% of Total

Queensland is experiencing an unprecedented growth in renewable power generation. From just 9% of the total in 2017, a whopping 21% of the total is forecast for 2019. There is currently $4.3 billion in renewables investment under way in Queensland now. By mid-2019 renewables will be generating 2164 megawatts of clean power, that’s enough to satisfy the demands of 800,000 homes. More here.

2. Controversy Still Headlines Canberra’s National Energy Guarantee

With the August 10, state and territory NEG sign off date fast approaching, the deadlock between the Turnbull government and the NEG opponents shows no sign of abating. While the government suggests the NEG will end 15 years of costly instability on climate policy, the ACT government is calling the Victorian government to join them in a refusal to sign the agreement. The pressure is rising for all stakeholders. Join the argument here.

3. Could Victoria Implement Electric Vehicle Targets to Stimulate EV Uptake?

A recent report has been tabled to the Victorian Government that indicates Victorians are falling well behind with the uptake of electric vehicles. While the report suggests a multitude of policy measures the Victorian government could implement to stimulate growth, no policy has been forthcoming, with the exception of the greens. Drive into the discussion here.

4. 2017 was a Record Year for Solar and Renewables Power Generation Across the globe. Yet Progress is Deemed as Still Too Slow

REN21, a renewables policy organisation, reported that the world added a massive 178 GW of renewables to our power networks. This impressive figure puts the global share of renewables currently at 23 per cent, with wind and solar providing 7.4 per cent. While this figure shows great promise, our lack of progress in transport, cooling and heating, is a cause for great concern. Learn more here.

5. News from Abroad. British Tesla Owners Pride and Loyalty on Show at Silverstone

The big corporate names in international motoring were left gobsmacked when they learned a massive Tesla test drive was organised by, not Elon Musk, but by proud British Tesla enthusiasts. The home of British formula one was overtaken by Tesla owners providing as many as 10,000 (collectively) test drives of their beloved electric vehicles. You can’t buy that sort of advertising. Elon must be ecstatic. Interestingly, he didn’t even know. Check out the story here.

6. This Week’s Retrospective. Could Australia Have Been the World’s Solar Leader?

Australia receives more solar radiation per square foot than anywhere on the planet. Some would argue that this fact alone should have catapulted a wise country to the forefront of solar power innovation. In some respects, in the early 80’s, it did. However, our profound and unwavering addiction to coal ensured we missed a serious opportunity to demonstrate that Australia can do a lot more than dig filthy big holes. Take yourself back to the 80’s.

7. A Report Commissioned by Greenpeace Australia Pacific Has Found That Under Turnbull’s National Energy Guarantee, Electricity Prices Will Rise

As if the beleaguered NEG policy wasn’t in enough trouble, a recent report commissioned by Greenpeace Australia Pacific has concluded that electricity prices would rise for Australians. Indeed, the opposite of the policy intent. It was also concluded the policy would do nothing to reduce emissions and would also stifle renewables investment and growth after 2020. Is there any hope for the NEG? Get the low down here.

8. Can A Politician say, “Clean Coal,” and Still Maintain any semblance of Credibility?

Many of you will remember a certain coalition MP carrying a lump of coal to question time and promoting its potential clean credentials. We know there are coalition MP’s convinced that coal is the answer to our electricity price and supply stability. But can “clean coal’ be considered anything more than an oxymoron? Do these particular coal-focused politicians have a point? Or is their scientific understanding hindered by too much coal dust? Dig for the truth here.

9. Hot Looking Electric Motorcycle for Under $2K US?

While consumers are beginning to enjoy quite a diverse selection of electric motorcycles and mopeds, still more arrive to bolster variety. The latest 2 wheel offering from CSC motorcycles doesn’t rock the world in performance stats, but it looks awesome and will suit the urban commuter looking for electric style on a budget. At under $2000 US, looking fast and slick, the City Slicker is sure to turn heads. Gear up here.

10. This Week’s Video. Concentrated Solar Thermal (CST) Plant Animation

Many of us know a little about how our photovoltaic rooftop solar panels work. Photovoltaics turn the sun’s rays into electricity. There is another form of solar power called Thermal solar, or CST. This form of power is used in large-scale power plants and uses the sun’s heat. This week’s movie is a short animation explaining the workings of a thermal solar plant. Get clued in and impress your friends with your solar repertoire. Watch here.

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