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1. The Tyranny of Distance – Again. Is Queensland Too Vast for Cost Effective Renewable Energy?

Geoffrey Blainey's classic book, The Tyranny of Distance is now in its 50s. The book is about how distance (vast distance) has shaped Australia’s history. But modern day Australia still grapples with the complex issues of distance. Today, it seems Queensland’s geographical enormity and population distribution is at odds with cost-effective renewable power distribution. Is there a solution? Learn more here.

2. Lithium. Billions of Dollars and Tens of Thousands of Jobs for Western Australia

Owing to the massive global growth in the need and demand for electricity storage, lithium, the key component of lithium batteries, is hot property. Western Australia has a huge supply of lithium and all the other base materials required for batteries. Will Western Australia make the most of the opportunity? Yes, it’s mining, but one could argue it’s good mining. Charge your batteries here.

3. The Flyon Electric Bicycle Gives a Whole New Meaning to Pedal Power, and With Style

Lighter, faster, more power and for longer. What’s more, the Flyon looks fantastic. If this is where we are at with electric bicycles now, one can only imagine what we’ll be riding in ten years. Take a look at Haibike’s Flyon, the newest model in their stables. Driven by intense competition, each new incarnation of the electric bicycle is far more wondrous than its predecessor. Get on your bike here.

4. News from Abroad. Indian Investment in Renewables Outstripped Fossil Fuels in 2017

Does anyone still think renewable energy is ‘just a phase we’re going through’? There’s no better evidence than ‘the money’. When big business is sinking big money into something, in this case, renewable energy, it’s a fair indicator the writing is on the wall…for fossil fuel that is. In India, the wise dollar is being placed on renewables, and in 2017, it outstripped fossil fuel investment. Place your bets here.

5. Rooftop Solar Generating More Electricity than Coal Just 20 Years from Now?

It seems hard to believe, but in our growing haste to put solar panels on our roofs we’re relegating coal faster than we’d imagined. At current rooftop solar uptake rates, projections see rooftop solar producing more electricity than black and brown coal combined by 2040. It’s time you got in the race too. More about it here.

6. This Week’s Retrospective. AC and DC Coming Together in the Modern Age

Australia became a British colony, but it’s worth remembering that we may have become Dutch or French. History can take some funny twists and turns. In much the same way, we could well have been powering our homes with DC power instead of our current AC. It wasn’t so long ago that two bright young men, Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla were locked in a very interesting power battle. One was fighting for AC the other DC. Well, we know how things turned out, but what of the history and the future? Take yourself back here.

7. Porsche’s All-Electric Taycan

Electric vehicles, particularly the sports models, can generate astonishing, breakneck acceleration and speed. However, a recurring issue is that the drive train tends to overheat, making sustaining these speeds a little tricky. Has Porsche found a solution? Can the speed demons among us look forward to some serious electric track time? Will it beat Tesla? Get into gear here.

8. See Yourself Driving an Electric Car…Like Soon? Legend Car Manufacturer Jaguar Does

Jaguar has come forward with an astonishing prediction for Australian drivers. The ‘futurists’ at Jaguar are telling us that two-thirds of Aussie drivers will own an electric vehicle by 2028. Wow. In the scheme of things, that’s pretty soon. In anybody’s language, that’s a pretty wild prediction. Can they substantiate the claim? Judge for yourself here.

9. Going Beyond Rooftop Solar in the Fight for a Green Australia

Long-time renewables advocate Mark Diesendorf is encouraging Australians to take a step beyond solar installation and join pressure groups to expedite change. He argues that with members of the old conservative political guard holding us back, it’s only together, united in a push for faster changes to sustainable power, that we will hasten progress. Sign up here.

10. This week’s video. Polycrystalline and Monocrystalline Solar Panels

In preparation for our upcoming article about how to get a solar quote fast, we thought we would help you with some lingo. Polycrystalline and Monocrystalline are the two types of solar panels you will come across on your solar expedition. The video linked here will demystify some of the jargon, so you’ll be talking solar in no time. Meet Poly and Mono here.

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