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1. Toward 100% renewables in Australia. Hydropower and Beyond Snowy 2.0

As we adorn our roofs with shiny photovoltaics, we see clearly that Australians are doing their bit to propel us toward 100% renewables. It would seem hydro is flagged as playing a critical role on a macro scale, if we are to power the nation via 100% renewables. Read about it here.

2. Elon Musk is Proving to be an Important Leader in Australia’s Journey to Energy Modernisation and a Renewable Energy Future

It’s hard not to be embarrassed as we watch the feds bicker over energy policy. Australians push forward regardless of confused leadership, thanks to interest from foreign shores combined with local passion. Sydney Mayor, Clover Moore says, “We’re working towards a target of 50 percent of all electricity in the City of Sydney area to come from renewables by 2030.” Elon’s tech is paving the way. Positively charged solar news here.

3. The Turnbull Government's Signature Energy Plan (NEG) Looks to be in Jeopardy as a Close Inspection of the Policy Reveals Inherent Flaws

For the federal coalition’s NEG policy to pass, it requires agreement from all the states and territories. Why is the ACT government threatening to block the legislation? What are the flaws? Are these flaws likely to hurt our renewables industry and put further upward pressure on electricity prices? Investigate here.

4. Tony Abbott Continues to be the Pillar of Disunity for Turnbull Energy Policy

Tony Abbott has become very vocal about energy policy after moving from the top job to the back bench. A self-proclaimed climate change sceptic and coal power champion, what is it about the NEG bill that compels him to threaten to cross the floor? More about it here.

5. Hydrogen Power Innovation Hits the West

A multimillion-dollar ATCO (gas) project in Western Australia will evaluate the potential for renewable hydrogen to be generated, stored and used at a larger scale. Green hydrogen will be produced from on-site solar using electrolysis, fuelling a range of gas appliances and blending hydrogen into the natural gas pipeline. There are serious benefits when renewables can be distributed via fossil fuel infrastructure. Read about it here.

6. This Week's Retrospective. Solar in the 7th Century. BC…

When we think of solar energy technology we often think of high-tech shiny panels, cutting-edge science, space science, salties and energy plants from the realms of science fiction. But we humans have actually been successfully manipulating the sun's energy for millennia. Let’s take an abbreviated trip back through time for an insight into our solar tech accomplishments. Feed your history desires here.

7. The Luxury Electric Motorcycle. Of course, it’s Italian

Last week you will recall we introduced you to the electric motocross bike, poised to carve up the off-road tracks, pollution free and quiet as a mouse. Now take a look at the motorcycle built for the tarmac. It’s electric… in looks as well as power. Got a spare 38 grand? While it's not likely to rival Ducati at this point, it’s certainly turning some heads. Rev it up here.

8. Getting Airborne Solar Style

The SolarStratos is an electric plane that will fly twice as high as commercial jets on sun power alone. Don’t hold your breath for business class tickets though; you’ll be waiting quite some time for the hosty to hand the hot towels around. In fact, when it comes to holding your breath, without a space suit, you’ll have to. This little aero gem is not pressurised, and at twice the height of a commercial aircraft, oxygen is in pretty short supply. Head off into the stratosphere here.

9. Park and Charge. Our Electrically Driven Future is Here Now

We’re all familiar with park and ride. We drive to a PT hub, park our cars and take the train or bus the rest of the journey. But what about park and charge? Check out the future of parking stations Elon Musk style. It’s mind-blowing considering it wasn’t that long ago we were tethering our horses out the front of shops. Now we’re plugging in our cars and powering them up with the sun rays. Elon’s at it again.

10. This Week’s Video. China’s Biggest Solar Plant. It’s Huge

This week’s video subject is mind-blowing. With a construction price of $890 million dollars, this is one very significant solar power project. Perched on the side of hills high on the Tibetan plateau, this array has 4 million solar panels. Yes, no misprint...that’s MILLION. Learn about how much power 4 million solar panels can generate. Get impressed here.

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